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Face Off: Abigail Breslin vs. Hailee Steinfeld

05.04.2015by: Droz

Jaimie Alexander had an ever so slight lead over Cobie Smulders in last week's Face Off, but only by one or two votes. That's not enough for a clear mandate to me, so I'm calling that one a tie.

This week sees Abigail Breslin take on the role of a steadily zombifying teen daughter to a surprisingly dramatic Arnold Schwarzenegger in MAGGIE. Then next week we got Hailee Steinfeld belting out some tunes in the PITCH PERFECT sequel. These two represent the literal new hotness happening in Hollywood today. Yet their adolescent Oscar noms and child star resumes still leave some folks stuck in the past on them. That's understandable. They have come up in a hurry. The fact remains that time moves on and clearly so have they. Now it's just a matter of deciding which new Hollywood hottie is more your thing?


I get the sense that Abigail really hates that people still think of her as Little Miss Sunshine. That might be why she does everything she can to update her looks. I can see how she might have a problem with being perceived as too young. She does still look a lot like her former child self. She's better when she tones down her efforts at artificial maturation a bit, but I usually find her a beautiful woman.

I'm intrigued with Hailee's mix of Asian, Jewish and European heritage. It makes her unique, which is always a refreshing thing. Sometimes they don't do her looks justice, but that's not necessarily because she's unattractive, Perhaps they just can't deal with her distinctiveness. Whatever the problem is, when they do get Hailee looking right, the effect is most impressive to say the least.


It seems like Abigail has granted herself a certain amount of flexibility where her body is concerned. She's not given to compulsion or obsessiveness over maintaining a petite frame. Like it or not, that curvier trend seems to be growing in popularity among the younger celebs lately. The result is Abigail's decidedly healthy body. Very much the epitome of thick is she. However you might feel about that, she looks like she's happy in her own skin. That has an appeal all its own.

Nothing wrong with Hailee's body. It's entirely in keeping with what I would expect of someone who does a lot of modelling - fit with a distinctly feminine appearance. That said, Hailee and Abigail are two very different women in this area, which for me makes it a relatively simple matter to chose between them. I don't know about you, but I'm down with Abigail here.


Just as with her looks, Abigail came on pretty strong with her need to be recognized as a woman with womanly features. Seemingly overnight she went from being the cute kind in the movies to the red carpet vixen with her huge tits exploding out of tight dresses. I don't blame anyone having trouble accepting that. On the other hand, I know Abigaiil has little desire to see people clinging to her expired adolescence. If that's how she feels, I'm perfectly willing to oblige.

It doesn't feel like Hailee's in as big a hurry as Abigail to make her womanliness plain to everyone in view, but she's not holding it back either. That's probably a good thing for someone wanting to be a model. I hear the prudish types don't make it very far in that racket. Hailee has upped the ante lately with some hot photo spreads, but Abigail's fondness for the maximum cleavage moments are even better by me.


The movies these two have coming out couldn't be more different. Abigail's MAGGIE is a moody drama, documenting the effects on a family forced to stand by and watch as their sweet, teenage daughter slowly transforms into a rotting, flesh-eating creature. Abigail is no stranger to the zombie movies, although ZOMBIELAND was a somewhat more comedic approach to the genre. Much of her other work has been of a touchy feely variety, but then she does have that Oscar nomination - one not earned merely by precociousness either. She has some real acting skills. They deserve respect.

Do a total 180 from Abigail's movie to reach the subject matter of Hailee's PITCH PERFECT sequel. Very little disturbing content in that, apart from the fact that people keep busting out singing through the whole damn thing. Like with Abigail, Hailee's movies also trend toward the more sedate side of things, with a few exceptions here and there. That's not a bad thing, but it's also not entirely my thing. Anyway, she also has an Oscar nom. I can see both of them in the running for another Academy vote in the years to come.


I wonder how long it will be before people stop thinking of these two as "all grown up." For some former child stars that never ends, and they wind up poor, sad people, forever trapped in their past. I don't think that fate will befall either Hailee or Abigail, but where breaking out of adolescent pigeonholes is concerned, I kind of like how Abigail is handling things.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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