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Face Off - Past & Present: Lynda Carter vs. Jaimie Alexander

01.28.2013by: Droz

Too close to call in last week's Face Off between the Arquette sisters Rosanna and Patricia. I can see the dilemma. I liked them both back in the day, but Rosanna and that perfect body are still more to my liking.

So while we're on the subject of the past, how about we give some thought to hotties of old who might be easily compared to those of today. These would be women divided by the decades, who nonetheless have the same look, proportionate bodies, similar careers or all of the above. Just as long as they have something in common we can compare, it's all good. For our first past & present Face Off challenge, we're pitting 70's classic Lynda Carter against her modern day doppelganger and recent Moviehotties news-maker Jaimie Alexander. These two not only look similar, but are also familiar with portraying superhero characters. Lynda is remembered as the best iteration of Wonder Woman ever and Jaimie is known for her her role as Sif in THOR. So they got more than a few things in common, but is it the past or the present that wins here? You tell me...


Tough one right off the bat. These are two beautiful women who could pass for mom and daughter. Disturbing thoughts like that aside, my memories of Lynda's beauty run pretty damn deep. I was but a tyke when she was doing her thing with the lasso and the wrist shields, yet my memories of her beauty are long-standing. That dark black hair, those blue eyes, the dimple cheeks - Lynda was and is the classic, American, brunette beauty.

Being as similar as they are, it really wouldn't make sense to say that Jaimie is any less than her competition in the area of beauty. She's got the same gorgeous black hair, equally beautiful eyes and the same kind of all-American beauty thing, like a modern day Betty Rubble or Veronica from the Archie comics. For those reasons and also a fair degree of personal bias for both women, I'm giving these two the tie vote here.


Lynda made quite the name for herself as Wonder Woman in the 70s, but like many a female TV phenomenon back then, the real star of the show was her amazing figure. Those brilliant boobs were legendary and probably contributed more to that show's success than any of the corny nonsense they got up to on that show. And when not wearing the goofy costume, she also looked pretty amazing in a bikini.

Jaimie has got herself a little more legitimacy as an actress and a talent, which means she doesn't have to make as much use of her great body for attention. Does that make her figure any less impressive than Lynda's? Not necessarily, though I'm compelled to give the prize to the one who offers up the goods in the most compelling way. And Lynda was certainly doing that back in her prime time days.


What can I say, these are two hot women, though perhaps for different reasons. Lynda was always the hottie who put her innate hotness out there pretty much all the time. Just look at her there in that dress with the huge cleavage and nipples poking. She was probably doing some awards show thing back then, reminding everyone about why they enjoyed getting off to her tits bouncing around on TV every week. Clearly Lynda's hotness never had much to do with subtlety.

I don't see Jaimie putting her equally innate hotness out there as blatantly as Lynda once did. That's no reason to give her less points for hotness though. She's got her own hotness brand and her own style, which is more implied by her mere presence than anything shoved in your face. I'm good with that. It makes you appreciate it more when she turns on the sexy. I'm also one to be charmed and disarmed by a sweet smile, which Jaimie's clearly got going for her too.


As memorable and perhaps even iconic as Lynda's portrayal of Wonder Woman was, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fan of the show. It was goofball in that characteristically 70s TV way and might be good for nostalgia purposes. Not really good TV though. Lynda also never really did much after the 70s to equal the fame she received for her role as Wonder Woman. So why would I pick Lynda in this category? The answer is right there in that picture. If she never did anything else, that would still be my favorite of anything these two ladies have done. Wow...

Jaimie has done a lot of stuff, some of it I liked and some I didn't. She's capable as an actress, perhaps even more than Lynda. Still, she hasn't hit me with anything really impressive or memorable yet. There's certainly nothing there as long-lasting in my mind as those halcyon days of burgeoning sexual awakening in which Lynda played a major part. Sure, I was only 4, but that's how it is when you have no latency period.


Nostalgic bias gives Lynda Carter my vote. That probably made it a tough one for Jaimie, who unfortunately doesn't have the history with me. You tikes might vote differently and that's your right, but putting the past aside, it seems to me that you have to acknowledge a woman who at the ripe old age of 62, is still holding her own as a hottie. I don't know about you, but I'd be down for some legacy sex with the Lynda of today. That kind of enduring hotness is an award-winning virtue in my book.

That's my choice. Which one do you like?


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