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Face-Off: Emma Watson vs. Emma Stone

02.08.2012by: Droz

In last week's Face Off, we battled two heavy hitters in the chesticle department, Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara, to see who was the top of the titties. We gave Christina the prize, thanks to the curiosity factor of that amazing rack she possesses. You guys seemed more sold on Sofia, who won the popular vote by a near 2 to 1 margin. That was a tough one to call. Perhaps as tough as this week's Face Off, where we pit two popular Emmas against one another to see which one has the right to call herself the best Emma of them all.


Emma Watson's looks tend to fluctuate. She's certainly not ugly. Most of the time she's got a sexy sort of cuteness about her, and can even be quite beautiful when she's in full on glamor mode. Though there are other times when she gives off a boyish impression. Not mannish, per say. More like a adolescent who has yet to develop all their masculine features. For someone who likes their hotties both female and adult, that can be a bit of a boner killer.

Emma Stone is somewhat more consistent in the looks department. She's always had something special about her that was unique from the rest. Starting out as a cutie pie teen with a devilish smile and a glint in her gypsy eyes, she only refines her beauty as she moves into adulthood.


If there are any problems with Emma Watson's looks, they are greatly exacerbated by her unfortunate hairdo choices over the last year or so. After completing her long stint as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, Emma decided to symbolize that turning point in her life by lopping off all her hair and sporting a boy cut. No doubt we're not the only ones at odds with how well that look suits her.

One of the things endearing many to Emma Stone is that gorgeous red hair of hers. That made it somewhat of a surprise to some that Emma is actually a natural blond. It was those blond roots that won her the part of Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spiderman reboot, even though it broke a few hearts when she returned to that color for the role. Thankfully, this unpleasantness didn't last and Emma made the right choice by returning to her crimson hair once shooting on the film wrapped.


Emma Watson hasn't had a lot of opportunities to really show off her body in a professional capacity. Not with kids movies as her primary claim to fame. There are plenty of candids floating around out there, however, that prove Emma's sporting a nice little frame with some sexy hips and great legs.

We've seen even less of Emma Stone's body. She's one to keep the details of her person pretty tightly wrapped. The recent shots of her in a bikini have given us a better indication of her potential in this area, which is pretty good. Perhaps a bit thin in some areas, she's got nothing a person in their right mind would turn down. In truth, these two are pretty closely matched here. Emma Watson wins by the virtue of those exquisite hips of hers, but only just.


Emma Watson's role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies is one of the most iconic roles a young actress has had in many years - something she'll carry with her for the rest of her life. That being said, Emma doesn't seem in a big rush to follow that up with anything. Sure, she's done a couple movies since the last Potter movie, but most of her time seems wrapped up in school and the indulgence of youth. That's fine for now, but attention spans are fickle. The farther she strays from past glories, the more rapidly her star is bound to fade.

While perhaps not the iconic face behind a world renowned literary character, Emma Stone has nonetheless been skyrocketing pretty much from the start, based almost entirely on the strength of the personality she imbues into each of her roles. And she shows no sign of stopping any time soon. With multiple, high profile parts in the can and no doubt more on the way, Emma is definitely grooming herself for super stardom.


Again, we have to come back to Harry Potter for Emma Watson here. Less than a year removed from the last Potter movie, Emma is still riding a wave of fanboy saliva that, for now, goes pretty much unabated. Beyond her actual performance in the films, it really says something about Emma that she was able to steal so much of the movie's namesake's thunder, not to mention the hearts of many a young wizard wannabe.

Emma Stone is certainly no slouch in the popularity department either. While not yet blessed with anything approaching the worldwide recognition value that Emma has, it's probably only a matter of time before she starts to catch up. Still, for now, Watson wins here.

Emma Stone

This match started out as something that looked to be pretty evenly divided. However, given a more thorough examination, Emma Stone managed to edge out Emma Watson in a few different places. Still, it's pretty clear Watson hasn't got anything to be ashamed of. If she does lose, it's usually by a thin margin. She's one of the world's most recognized beauties and, for now anyway, has worldwide acclaim. Stone is a big up and comer though, with consistency in many areas that could easily outpace most of the competition in the future.

Overall, these are two Emmas with a lot of potential, so it's entirely possible their scores here could shift in years to come. For that reason and more, this might be an interesting match to revisit at some point in the future, just to see how things fluctuate.

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