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Face-Off: Kelly Brook vs Hayley Atwell

01.12.2012by: Droz

Welcome to the Face Off, the newest exploration in our continual quest to get to discover who is the hottest of the hotties. In this, our inaugural round of the Face Off, we pit two of our site's most beloved hotties, Kelly Brook and Hayley Atwell, against one another to determine who will stand as the hottest British babe on the planet. Being two particularly beloved hotties, this is no doubt going to be tough call. So, without further ado, let's get it on!

The Faces

It's pretty clear to anyone who takes even a casual glance at Hayley Atwell that she's got a kisser of considerable contention. There's a soothing quality in those big brown eyes and her full lips that one can't help but fall in love with. She might not have the most perfectly proportioned mug all around, but then again who needs that?

One of Kelly's best features has always been that big, broad smile she sports in virtually every picture she takes, which gives her a wonderful warm glow that's difficult not to love. It has been argued that perhaps Kelly's best days are behind her as far as looks go, but she seems to be aging pretty well to me. Choosing between the two, I think Hayley edges her out. Though only slightly.

The Boobs

Oh what wonderful things lie in store for the lucky person who gets access to the ample bewbage Hayley is packing. Unfortunately, she hasn't been as forthcoming with her assets in this area as Kelly, but the few brief glimpses she has given us prove that there are some amazing things happening beneath all those clothes. Still, it's tough to make a call on just how amazing they are with only a brief glimpse to go on.

Kelly has never been one to shy away from letting her girls out for some fresh air. And there is no doubt that she's got some fine things happening in the chesticle area. It has been awhile since we've seen them on display, but some modest weight gain seems to have given them a nice little boost in size. I have little doubt about what Kelly is rocking up top, so she has the edge here. Though one especially tasty nude scene from Hayley could easily change that.

The Bodies

Hayley's rocking some particularly lovely curves. No starved, stick figure proportions for her. When coming up with a concept of what it means to have a womanly figure, one would do well to reference the kind of form Hayley's got by nature. The only thing that stops her from taking the prize here is, again, the lack of any decent views of what she's got going on under those clothes. One especially sexy layout in some bikinis would make the difference for her here.

Kelly's body has been a thing of sublime magnificence for years. While her curves are easily within the often strict boundaries set by the modeling world she's a part of, Kelly has still maintained an impressive hourglass form since the beginning. While perhaps not as slim as she used to be, Kelly still makes quite an impression body wise, and also has no compunctions about putting it out there to be seen. Gotta give her credit where credit is due.

The Careers

While Hayley has been around for a few years now, many of her roles have been limited to British TV and movie productions. Of course with the success of films like CAPTAIN AMERICA, Hayley's career is poised for a huge boost into the realms of super stardom. She's certainly earned that acclaim and has the talent and skill that could very well make her a contender in awards seasons to come.

Kelly has similarly been around for years as a staple of British TV, serving as TV presenter in several different productions. She has also done some high profile movie parts, among them the recent PIRANHA 3D, which helped make her as big a name in the US as she is back in England. While some difficult issues in her life recently have kept her out of the spotlight, her career is far from over.

The Biased Decision

Haley is without a doubt an amazing beauty with equal measures of sex appeal and talent that have helped to make her the rising star that she is. With awards and acclaim coming hot and fast for her now, Hayley is no doubt bound for global household fame in years to come. If that's not worthy of the tie-breaking vote, I don't know what is.

Kelly has been the sexiest of the sexy for years now, moving between TV presenter, model and movie star roles with ease and a positive attitude. Personal challenges may have briefly interrupted her career, but Kelly has weathered those storms and proven her worth as a world class hottie.

Hayley Atwell
Difficult call here all around. Sort of a Sophie's Choice moment for an Anglophile in love with the British ladies. Kelly Brook and Hayley Atwell are without a doubt two of of the sexiest hotties out there. Equally matched in many areas, it's Hayley's rising star status that ultimately sets her apart from the rest and makes her my top pick for best British babe.

So which British hottie you prefer?

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