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Flashback Friday: You can't talk babes of the 90s and not mention Pamela Anderson

10.02.2015by: Droz

Is it safe to say that over stuffed, bleached blonde sex kittens like Pamela Anderson are a thing of the past? Sure, they seem to endure in the outer reaches of the modelling world, advocating for various kinds of drinks with their barely covered, fake-looking bodies. Yet for many of us today, it's the naturally inflated tits and humanly-shaped bodies that speak the loudest about what's desirable in women. You gotta go back a few decades to appreciate when Pamela was the queen of all hotties.

There has hardly been a more unlikely beginning to a career than Pamela's. Discovered at a Canadian League football game in the late 80s, she took the world by storm thanks to a crowd camera beaming her image onto a Jumbotron, which sent the assembled football fans into hysterics with her hotness. Of course, that was a different Pamela - a pre-implant, pre-bottle job, pre-TV beach bunny tattooed and taking it from Tommy Lee on a yacht Pamela. I really liked that early version of her. Those salad days as the "spokeshottie" for Canadian beer, or the Home Improvement "Tool Time Girl," or the perky little Playboy centerfold, at least made sense. Those are the sorts of things someone discovered at a football game would naturally get into. But then Baywatch happened and everything went nutty.

What a horrible show Baywatch was. Seriously, go back and watch that shit. What the hell were they thinking? It was good enough to sell the world on the paradise of silicone infused sex running around on beaches in the pussy promised land of America. It also made Pamela into a global force for overstated sex appeal. Soon she went from making shitty TV shows to shittier movies. And the shittier her stuff became, or the bigger and faker her tits got, the more the people seemed to want her. It all peaked with her blowing a drummer on a yacht. Yes, among the many lurid things Pamela pioneered was the scandalous sex tape. Nowadays those are just another rung on the celebrity "making it" ladder, but back then they were the stuff of sensationalism dreams come true.

So what happened to Pamela? Could it have been watching her get boned on home video was the pinnacle of her potential as a celebrity? Could fickle audiences have just got sick of all the fakeness and the scandal and the mediocre talent? I literally don't even want to touch those unflattering Hep-C rumors. Or maybe it was the whole swirling storm of dinginess coming together to drive the people elsewhere for their sex fantasy fodder and Pamela into has been land. Sure, she still gets around, but mostly as a novelty - an aged flashback to bygone days of sex appeal. All that said, you can't say Pamela didn't make the most out of her time in the sun.

Speaking of Pamela's sunny days, let's now take a trip back to when her suntanned titties were at their best in the mega-gallery below.

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