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Flashback Friday: Who didn't want to sully Scully back in the day?

06.13.2014by: Droz

Hell, I'd gladly get with her now. Gillian Anderson has held up pretty damn well through the years. Unfortunately she's had a somewhat frustrating love affair with blondness recently. I much preferred Gillian in her UFO-chasing days, for a few reasons. Not the least of those reasons was her beautiful, red hair back in her days playing Dana Scully. I've been particularly keen on that time lately, as I've spent the last few weeks binge watching The X-Files, seeing episodes I haven't seen since high school. How could such a great show fizzle out so badly? I don't know, but one of the few constants on that show was the appeal of its leading lady.

Despite Scully's relatively boring and near constant conservative demeanor, she still became one of the hottest TV babes of the 90s. Starting in the early seasons when she was a little chubbier and going all the way to the last movie a few years back, she's always been one of my favorites. The interesting part of Gillian is how completely unlike her X-Files character she is. Where Dana was the scientifically-minded, emotionally suppressed and skeptical flip side to Agent Mulder's fierce determination to believe, the real woman was always a bit of a wild child who seemed to be on the lookout for any chance to prove she was nothing like the person on the show.

The great part about Gillian's need to prove herself are all these great pictures she posed for over the years in her quest to show that she had a whole lot more to give than her TV alter ego. Looking at these kinds of pics, you can see she really earned all those Emmy and Golden Globe nods and wins. Someone who could switch between the sex goddess depicted here and the button down type on the show, deserves all kinds of respect. Those days a pretty far behind Gillian now. About as far away as her days playing Scully. She's got her immortality now, thanks to armies of fans from her X-Files tenure and beyond. Added to that is her 20+ year shelf life as a hottie, which seems to have been extended years past most others her age. That's all the proof anyone needs that Gillian is fantastic.


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