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Flashback Friday: Where did Catherine Zeta-Jones go?

06.10.2016by: Droz

Moving is a great excuse to go through that DVD/Blu-Ray rack (or in my case, racks) and thin out one's movie collection, separating the impulse buys and stuff you've outgrown, from the must have essentials and rare treasures. This was what I did during my recent move. For some strange reason, I found myself tossing out a lot of movies from the 90s - stuff I used to like 10 or 15 years ago, but haven't watched in years because it just doesn't interest me anymore. Stuff which, interestingly enough, often starred Catherine Zeta-Jones.

I don't know if this mass elimination of CZJ flicks from my movie library is anything more than coincidental where she's concerned, but it does perhaps say something about the lasting power (or lack thereof) she has on cinephiles and hottie fans today. Those of us who were big on movies back when Catherine went large probably remember the 6-year string of impressive gigs she had between 1998 and 2004. Following her breakthrough role in THE MASK OF ZORRO, Catherine quickly became the hottest ticket in more ways than one. Possessing of a beauty paralleled by few before or since, Catherine was once the face everyone wanted for their movie. Makes sense, as she was almost too pretty for movies, or anything else for that matter. You'd need to bring an Old Master back to life to do her face justice.

Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful

The rest of Catherine wasn't too bad either. One of the more iconic hottie moments from this era of film making is the laser field practice scene from ENTRAPMENT, wherein Catherine's character undulates under and around string designed to simulate a laser detection grid. It's been debated for years whether this scene is really Catherine or just a cleverly inserted butt double. I like to believe it's her, just because it's more fun that way.

So everything was going good for Catherine. Sure, not all the movies she made during this peek time in her career were the absolute best, but she nonetheless made them better just by being a part of them. So why didn't she stay a superstar like some of her contemporaries from this time? It's no secret what went wrong there. For some strange reason, which still mystifies to this day, Catherine decided to marry a man 25 years her senior right when she was at the top of her fame and thereafter spend what should have been the best years of her life as an actress and a sex symbol, being a baby-making factory with only the occasional shitty movie to her name.

It's hard to judge things like this when you're coming to a hottie as a fan. Everybody has to prioritize in life and Catherine's kids needed a mom more than we needed another hottie. Still, what ultimately resulted from these rather odd life and career choices was a gradual but highly disruptive fizzling out of her once super hot career. So others got the roles Catherine probably should have had. And others took her place as the hottest, most beautiful around. Sure, she still gets around, but nothing like she once did. Too bad, because after all this time and despite the decline her career has taken, I still think of Catherine as one of the most beautiful sirens of the screen who ever lived. If you don't believe me, here are a ton of CZJ pics to back up my position.

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