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Flashback Friday: Whatever happened to Mandy Moore's days as a sexy show off?

08.21.2015by: Droz

It's rare to find even boring pics of Mandy Moore going to get groceries or walking to her car anymore. Only once in a blue moon do you even see anything mildly interesting of the singing/acting sweetheart, much less anything depicting the full on hottie dream girl many of us have known and loved. Seems like a strange turn of events for someone who still has a viable celebrity status. You just don't see folks in her lot practically drop from sight. Not at 31 anyway, with so much time left to go on her hottie clock. And especially not with such an impressive track record of hot moments in her past. This Mandy drought has me nostalgic for those bygone days of yore known as the early 2000s, when young Mandy just couldn't keep her tits from peeking out at a camera.

Mandy came up pretty fast back in the day. Something of an overnight phenomenon was she during those initial teenage, pop star, sweetheart years. She later proved she could go beyond those humble beginnings by branching out into a more sophisticated sound, which earned her respect from many in the music industry. From there acting roles followed and eventually became her main gig. A fairly typical story for many a young celebrity hottie. Yet for me, Mandy didn't truly became a fascination until the time came for her to do a magazine spread or show up on a red carpet.

Mandy Moore in a Bikini

Mandy in her early 20s was just about perfect in my eyes. She was beautiful and adorable, with a sweet smile and warm disposition. And better yet, constantly showing off her tight, young bod again and again in various articles of sexy attire. Just look at her in that bikini. Quite a thing to behold, although when I think of Mandy in her prime I like to reflect back on how she looked at the premiere of her movie SAVED! - some of which I've posted in detail below. My god, what a body she had.

The frustrating part is that Mandy could still pull off moments like those I just mentioned. Underneath those boring, matronly clothes and demure red carpet gowns she wears now, there appears to be a fairly intact body. Just look at a recent Twitter pic of her and her equally hot BFF Minka Kelly.

Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly

I suppose impressing horn dogs like you and me just doesn't hold much interest for a fully matured Mandy. Too bad. She was so good at it. But like so many profiled here, I fear we may just have to be satisfied with her back catalog of hotness. Speaking of that, check out a whole bunch of Mandy working hard to get you hard below.

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