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Flashback Friday: Whatever happened to Bridget Fonda?

09.06.2013by: Droz

Bridget Fonda's absence from Hollywood is a curious issue to those of us who were smitten with her back in the 90s - a decade one could legitimately say she owned. Bridget came onto the scene about the same time as her now legendary aunt Jane went off the scene, so everyone was talking about her taking up the Fonda family mantle. And for awhile there it seemed like it would happen. If you don't count her brief appearance in her dad Peter's 1969 classic EASY RIDER, Bridget's first big break came with THE GODFATHER PART III in 1990. Granted, not a great film, but a significant role for a fresh-faced girl on the rise. From there, she pretty much blew up, appearing in all kinds of memorable 90s films with names like SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, SINGLES, DOC HOLLYWOOD, POINT OF NO RETURN and of course, Tarantino's underrated masterpiece, JACKIE BROWN. In a lot of ways she became a representative for the Gen-Xer's - a spokesperson for the next generation of Hollywood movie royalty.

And then she went away. Her last movie was actually a TV movie, 2002's SNOW QUEEN. After that, nothing. It sounds like a mysterious thing, but it's actually fairly routine. Bridget got married to former Oingo Boingo front man and longtime Tim Burton movie score composer Danny Elfman in 2003 and decided that having a kid and being a wife was more interesting to her. And so she decided to retire from the biz. Kind of a bummer. I always had a thing for her back in the day. Still, part of me is okay with her decision. The sight of all these hotties from my youth slowly beginning to degrade 20+ years on is weird enough. It's refreshing to know that we'll never have to worry about Bridget making us see that. Although Michael Jordan style retirements aren't unheard of in the Fonda family. If she takes after her auntie Jane at all, it's possible we might not be done with Bridget quite yet.


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