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Flashback Friday: Victoria Principal was the 20th century's Victoria Justice

11.15.2013by: Droz

It's pretty uncanny, isn't it? Perhaps not a twin displaced in time kind of thing, but if you told me they were secretly mother and daughter, I wouldn't argue with you. I think I've mentioned the similarity between these two Victorias before, but it's good to have a visual demonstration. Of course, there are a few noteworthy differences between the two. Where Ms. Justice is the triple threat singer, dancer and actor, Ms. Principal has concerned herself mostly with the acting part since making her big debut in the 1972 Paul Newman western THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN at the young age of 22. She then made the unusual step of posing for Playboy the following year to promote her movie THE NAKED APE (a form of promotion Ms. Justice should feel perfectly justified in duplicating for her next movie role).

Of course, all us children of the 80s remember Ms. Principal for her role as the beautiful daughter of the Ewing family on that singularly 80s phenomenon called Dallas. Granted, I wasn't watching Dallas. My parents were. I tended to have a bigger stake in the exploits of He-Man, Cobra Commander and Optimus Prime back in those days (I'm totally over that now though...). I do remember everyone having a shit fit about who shot J.R., the head of the Ewing family and the guy every money hungry, wannabe 80s big shot, idolized. I couldn't give a shit about that though. Being without much of a latency period, I was all about Ms. Principal. What a face. What a body. She was part of that fitness and exercise craze back in the early 80s. So when she wasn't bringing the melodrama on TV, she was strutting around in tights and leg warmers for the purpose of promoting fitness. As you can see, she was a very good spokesperson for that cause.

It's no secret that at least half of my fascination with Ms. Justice sources from my prior fascination with Ms. Principal. It's kind of like going back in time in a way, reliving old infatuations anew with a different but still kind of the same hottie. Just don't forget about that Playboy thing, Victoria J.


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