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Flashback Friday: Vanessa Angel was one high-flying hottie in her day

05.02.2014by: Droz

I first put a name to Vanessa Angel's face when I saw KINGPIN back in 1996. It's a really stupid movie in most ways, but for an unsophisticated teenager it was high art. And if I'm going to be honest, it still has a certain gross out charm about it, as well as one of Bill Murray's better showings. That movie is probably the main reason most folks remember Vanessa - and for good reason. It took me a little while longer to figure out that I actually knew her from something much earlier. You might remember the 80s cold war comedy SPIES LIKE US with Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. It's a bit of a cult comedy with a few memorable moments - one of which was a very young Vanessa playing "Russian Rocket Crewperson." Any other time such a role would have been easily overlooked by most audiences. Except in this case, when Vanessa turned out to be the hottest Russian rocket crewperson ever:

That's an 18 year old Vanessa right there, doing her first acting role while still enjoying a successful modelling career that began when she was 14 back home in her native England. Pretty hard to forget something that fine literally bouncing in the snow in her underwear. She went on to other hottie acclaims. She was a Baywatch babe for a bit, toured the various 90s TV hottie stops like Melrose Place, until landing Kelly LeBrock's role as a home computer made hottie Lisa in the TV version of Weird Science. That brought her to the attention of the Farrelly Brothers, who cast her as Claudia in their bowling-themed gross out comedy:

That was probably Vanessa's apex as a celebrity hottie. Marriage, motherhood and time soon conspired to move her away from those heady days. That's a fairly common tale, but she still shows up here and there as the guest star in various shows, looking pretty good for a 48-year-old. Time is a bitch for most of us, but Vanessa seems to be holding out pretty well. Even if the 90s are far behind us, she'll still be one of the hottest of her day. Considering the company she's in, that's high praise.


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