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Flashback Friday: Those days when we all screamed for Neve Campbell

02.05.2016by: Droz

It was brought to my attention recently by my tactless, teenage nephew, that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the original SCREAM. Yes, Wes Craven's ode to...himself really, is almost old enough to buy a beer. Which means its star, Neve Campbell, is old enough to be my tactless teenage nephew's mom. Damn, time. You a f*cker. Okay, so you're taking a little trip in the way back machine when you watch SCREAM now. Some of us can go back even further for the beginnings of our Neve fascinations. Maybe you were/are one of those goth kids back in the day who lived vicariously through Neve's witchy exploits in THE CRAFT. Or maybe you lived and died by the unfolding teenage dramas she played out on Party of Five. How nice. Me and Neve, we go further back than any of these things. All the way back to her native Canada and her second gig of all time - a small role in a sketch for the 3rd season of The Kids in the Hall.

Call me uncle indeed. That's an 18-year-old Neve right there, turning a bit part into a permanent imprintation on my tactless, teenage memory way before she showed up on American TV. It's no surprise Neve landed a leading role 2 years later in one of the most popular teen dramas of the day. If there was ever a more perfect person to be the all American Canadian girl next door, it's Neve in the mid 90s. Her special look is probably why she managed to be the longest surviving victim of repeated murderous escapades in 4 SCREAM movies. Seems you can only be the sexless survivor of serial killers for so long before it starts to get boring. Thus Neve's inspired foray into gratuitous, on screen lesbianism in the infamous WILD THINGS.

Neve Campbell and Denise Richards Kiss in Wild Things

That kept Neve in the spotlight for awhile. Yet for many a lapsed teen queen there comes a prolonged, if not permanent dry spell once the years start to pass. Fortunately for Neve, this never really happened to her. She's always been around in movies or TV shows. She's also avoided getting herself stuck in any specific genres. You can see her in a number of different things. Unfortunately, the sexy moments have been few and far between. She's done a couple of nude scenes, one involving some alone time with a handheld shower head in the movie WHEN WILL I BE LOVED. Then there was her topless, bottomless bar scene in I REALLY HATE MY JOB. Good stuff there one can be glad happened before she was too far past it.

Despite the later day nakedness, Neve remains one of a select class of hotties on whom I'm perpetually stuck in her girl next door days. Every generation has those hotties who set the standard for what's representative of the most beautiful in our time. I hold Neve as a hallowed member of this elite class. Here are a hundred reasons why I feel that way. Enjoy!

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