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Flashback Friday: Those bygone days when Lindsay Lohan was America's sweetheart

07.24.2015by: Droz

I saw that Lindsay Lohan turned 29 the other day. 29. That's one of those monumental years, where one's life is on the cusp of big changes. But you're still young, still vital. Still not too far away from your greener teenage years. Of course, some folks age differently than others. We've seen how Lindsay has handled her 20s - years wasted on the pursuit of drugs and endless run-ins with the law, sacrificing a promising career and a briefly held reputation as America's redhead sweetheart. It's a topic all too frequently covered in the media. But let's set that aside for now and reflect a little more on Lindsay's salad days.

Like many a young hottie, Lindsay got her start as a child actor, first showing up on most people's radar in the 1998 remake of THE PARENT TRAP as the plucky little redhead cutie playing dual roles as separated twins. It wasn't until years later in her teens that Lindsay began to find true fame when she showed up all filled out and more than capably sexualized in MEAN GIRLS. It's a movie that stands in stark dichotomy to the present day's celebrity world. Lindsay's supporting cast, among them Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams, enjoy much success in their careers all these years later. Yet none of them has ever been the phenomenon Lindsay became after breaking large on the big screen.

Talk shows, magazines, big name directors and producers - virtually all of the entertainment world went absolutely bonkers for Lindsay, not to mention the public at large. And why not? A beautiful, redheaded, befreckled young thing with an irresistable mix of sweetness, likability and raw sex appeal? Everybody was more than happy to take a big gulp of that sweet, sweet Kool-aid. I know I was. We all wanted a piece of her. Unfortunately, what no one knew was that her parents' penchant for stupidity had been passed down. And within a few years this darling dear would be lost in a fog of addiction, criminal behavior and general self-destructiveness, effectively putting down her sweetheart rep before it ever really got a chance to take off.

That leads us to the inevitable present day. You've probably heard what Lindsay is up to now. As her former co-stars enjoy A-list status with major movies and TV shows, Lindsay gets passed around from one sugar daddy to another, pretending to be relevant while any future she might have had as an actress gets written off completely. Her youth squandered by too many alcohol and drug binges, her reputation smashed, her prospects limited at best, Lindsay is little more than a cautionary tale, or an all too easy target of ridicule. Most are indifferent to her now or even despise her very name. Me, I still hold a tinge of regretful mourning over the sweetie she was. What can I say? I was a fan, who fully expected to see a future Lindsay just as beloved on her 29th birthday as she was on her 18th. Sadly, that was not to be.

But, the memories of that small window of time when Lindsay had all the promise in the world are still around. Here is a whole big mess of such memories to help all of you former Lindsay fans to reflect on what might have been.

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