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Flashback Friday: The one thing geeks and jocks can agree on is Cindy Morgan was super hot

12.13.2013by: Droz

It's a matter of unlikely movie history that Cindy Morgan just happened to star in two totally different movies in the extreme early 80s that made her equally beloved of two totally different groups of people. The first movie was the immortal CADDYSHACK, which is practically required viewing for anyone considering themselves a sports fan. I've certainly never met a golfer or general sports nut who wasn't just as beloved of that movie as their first born son. The second movie was, of course, the original TRON, a film that sparked the imagination of geeks the world over and gave us all an early, if not rudimentary glimpse of the CGI future in store. Two different movies, appealing to two very different audiences, both proving how much of a powerfully sexy hottie Cindy was.

Strange then that Cindy went away shortly thereafter. You'd be forgiven for thinking she vanished from the face of the earth some time around 1983. Fortunately that didn't happen. She merely got caught up in the tangled brambles of 80s TV show appearances and movies of the week. There existed a secure place for an actor to find work back in the day. However, such work did pose a problem for those of us wishing to get a second chance at seeing Cindy get high and molesting teenage caddies, or battle the cruel dominion of corrupted computer programs. Not the sort of thing network TV was all that interested in back in the day. So, Cindy went away to the land of Falcon Crest and Matlock, never to return.

Well, maybe not never. She still shows up at conventions on occasion, signing all kinds of TRON merch and basking in the undying love of aging geeks. And despite being 60-years old in 2014, Cindy still looks pretty damn good. While they pretty much buried the CADDYSHACK franchise with the abysmal CADDYSHACK 2, there is a rumor that Cindy is going to make a comeback in the next TRON sequel, whenever they get around to making that. I enjoyed TRON: LEGACY, but Cindy's absence was one of the obvious missing pieces in that movie, so I'd like to see that happen. Though I don't know if I could handle Yori and Quorra on screen at once. That might break something loose in the horny geek section of my brain and cause me to embolize on the spot, but I'll chance it anyway.


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10:04PM on 12/15/2013
Gorgeous! She's got the prettiest eyes.
Gorgeous! She's got the prettiest eyes.
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3:52PM on 12/13/2013
She was a friend's dorm roommate in college. Kind of a stuck up b***h at that time
She was a friend's dorm roommate in college. Kind of a stuck up b***h at that time
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