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Flashback Friday: Some things change and some things are Paulina Porizkova

07.12.2013by: Droz

Hello, everyone. I'd like you to meet Paulina Porizkova here. Or, if you're an aging Gen-X-er like myself, I'd like to reacquaint you with Paulina, who posted this picture to her Twitter the other day:

That's a very nice picture, depicting one sexy woman. However, the really amazing part about this is that the version of her in this picture and the first pic in the gallery below are separated by about a quarter century. In between she bore two kids, stayed married for 24 years to Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the rock group The Cars (proof positive that any rock star can get a hot woman to bang him) and began to approach her 50's. We've seen a lot of amazing displays of longevity from the model elite lately. Still, nearly untouched beauty like hers is rather impressive - even for a supermodel.

Paulina got her start in the modelling gig when she was just 18, but she was a celebrity of sorts even before that. Running with her family from an encroaching Soviet invasion of her Czech homeland in the late 1960s, she was unfortunately left behind by her parents at a young age, though they made it to safety in Sweden. What ensued was the mother of all custody battles, involving Cold War politics, international publicity and threats of permanent detention behind the Iron Curtain. Eventually Paulina did make it out and after a time began to wow the world with her characteristic Eastern European good looks. Paulina became the first Central European to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. She was making 7-figure modelling deals back in the 80's and has even done a little acting, writing and blogging for major websites over the last 3 decades.

That's all well and good I'm sure, but what's important for our purposes here is what Paulina brings to the table as a hottie. As usual, I've put together a little gallery depicting some of Paulina's greatest hottie moments of the last 30 years. I happen to think Paulina is one of the most all around beautiful females ever to walk the Earth. Women just don't get much more perfectly put together than Paulina. Looking at her now, it's clear she was built to last.


Extra Tidbit: Funny how the only thing that's changed about Cosmopolitan in 25 years is the price tag.
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