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Flashback Friday: Take a trip back to when Jamie Lee Curtis put the hard in hardbody

11.01.2013by: Droz

I can understand why it might be difficult for some of you younger folks to make a connection between these shots of a much younger Jamie Lee Curtis and the current day version, which is presently consumed with the hawking of dairy products intended to keep menopausal women regular. I suppose time has a way of humbling us all eventually. It is worth remembering that the graying yogurt spokesperson you see today was once the chiseled daughter of Hollywood royalty who back in the day exuded sex appeal from every pore on her unbelievably tight bod. Thank goodness we have the film evidence to demonstrate just how much of a hottie she was once upon a time. Jamie had a body every guy wanted and every woman wanted to have. Despite a strange insistence on tom boy hair and an early reputation as a scream queen, her gorgeous curves still managed to shine through in later 80s classics like TRADING PLACES, GRANDVIEW USA, PERFECT and my personal favorite, A FISH CALLED WANDA.

While those 80s roles were probably her sweet spot as far as hotness goes, she still managed to bring some sex appeal into the 90s too with movies like TRUE LIES, which gave us what could be called her greatest hottie moment in the form of the best impromptu striptease in film history.

That about sums it up as far as Jamie's hotness went. She might not look like that anymore, but the fact that she once did and thus made that scene happen, makes her a national treasure. Now enjoy a few more treasured moments from Jamie's greatest hits below


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