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Flashback Friday: Revisiting hot Kirsten Dunst

02.22.2013by: Droz

One of the things that bugs me about the Sam Raimi SPIDER-MAN movies was the effect they seemed to have on Kirsten Dunst. Back when the first Spidey movie came out, Kirsten was one of the elite hottie sex symbols. Tongues were wagging all over the place for spreads like those below which were in all the major magazines. Everyone was hot for Kirsten. But something happened after the movie came out and exploded. Maybe it was the pressure of being the superstar in the blockbuster movie, but for some reason the whole idea of the young, gorgeous Kirsten with the long legs and the great rack seemed to go away, replaced by the floppy-hatted, bohemian hippie Kirsten that came later. You can see the stark difference between these two iterations of Kristen when you watch the first two Raimi Spider-Mans. The first one has the hottie in the short skirts and wet shirts with no bra making out with Peter. Then in the next one she's got the baggy coats and the big, goofy beret thing, agonizing over why Pete doesn't seem to give a shit about her anymore. Apparently she didn't consider the fact that tits clinging to wet blouses tends to evoke a stronger response than knitted hats and trench coats.

Maybe blaming the Spider-Man movies isn't fair, since they were probably only indirectly involved. Some folks just can't deal with the amount of attention that kind of film drops on you. Whatever the reason, the result of this time was a Kirsten that sadly became a pale shadow of the one who was pitching tents back in the day. Thankfully, it's not really gone. If you saw her nude scene in MELANCHOLIA you know there's still plenty of meat left on that bone. She's just not much for showing it off anymore, at least not the way she used to. Too bad really, she was so good at it. Oh well, at least we can still harken back to those salad days of Kirsten hotness with galleries like the one below. Enjoy!


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