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Flashback Friday: Revisiting the bad girl version of Drew Barrymore

02.06.2015by: Droz

You see a very different Drew Barrymore nowadays than in years past. That's to be expected. After more than 20 years since her triumphant return to celebrity in the early 90s, it's only natural that some things would change. The Drew of today is a wife and mother who looks very much the part. I'm happy for her. Set against her famous family's longstanding penchant for epic and ruinous declines, Drew stands as a virtual saint. I have fond memories of the so-called bad girl Drew used to be, despite the fact that I never really saw her that way. Honestly, how bad can the little kid from E.T. really be? Sure, when most people her age were playing Duck Hunt and watching You Can't Do That On Television, Drew was already a regular pot-smoker and beginning to experiment with the harder stuff. I'll bet she was the cutest kid who ever did a line of coke off a toilet tank in the ladies room of a West Hollywood bistro.

For most kid stars put in that position, the result is a lifetime of therapy and a rapid decline into obscurity. Drew, on the other hand, managed to parlay her troubled youth into a cold turkey career boost, riding a wave of media fascination that began with her tell all book. But with the whole world now aware of her early onset drug abuse, cutesy teenager roles weren't going to work. So instead she became the slutty bad girl in movies like POISON IVY, where she played a sex crazed Lolita, seducing a heavily mustached Tom Skerrit and potentially awakening a young Sara Gilbert to the pleasures inherent in a rug-munching mindset. Drew went on to mirror those racy roles in her real life, posing for a number of provocative magazine spreads, including a nude pictorial in Playboy. It all culminated with her infamous Letterman appearance, where she managed to evoke a rare moment of speechlessness from the funny man host when she hopped up onto his desk and flashed him during an interview.

Yeah, those were good times. So good that I developed something of a teenage crush on crazy, post-druggie Drew and all her antics seemingly designed to get me and my tempest-like teenage hormones boiling over. But unfortunately, that love could only last so long. Drew fairly quickly moved on from those bad girl days as her career heated up and bigger, more mainstream stuff came calling. I hung with her for awhile on that, enjoying her slaughter in the original SCREAM, chuckling here and there for her and a still funny Sandler in THE WEDDING SINGER. I really tried to like CHARLIE'S ANGELS, but by then it was clear the two of us were going in different directions. I managed to hang on through 50 FIRST DATES, but by the second CHARLIE'S ANGELS, it was clear that the magic was gone.

We still see each other now and then, though now our meetings are a mixed bag. For instance, she was great in GREY GARDENS, but BLENDED left me physically ill. I'm afraid me and my teenage crush don't have much to say to one another anymore. It's sad, but like Drew, we all must do our best to move on in life. But we'll always have the memories, a few of which I've scrounged up for you. Reminisce on the Drew that was in the gallery below.


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