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Flashback Friday: Reminiscing on Stephanie Seymour and the greatness of 90s supermodels

12.27.2013by: Droz

Seeing those bikini pics of model Stephanie Seymour makes me all nostalgic for the hayday of supermodels back in the late 80s and early 90s. What a time that was for idealized beauty from the likes of Stephanie and Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer and the rest of that gang of gorgeous gals. Sure, we have equivalents to those long and lean lovelies today, but hotties like Stephanie invented the concept of the supermodel. Before then, models were mostly just extra pretty versions of normal people. After that, they were pretty much superhumans.

Just like today, they had a whole gaggle of supermodels to choose from back then. However, Stephanie was one of the stand outs, at least for me. For one thing, she wasn't the exotic European blonde. Rather, she came from San Diego and had a relatively normal upbringing, not all that different from my own. She was also kind of a livewire. She dated modelling big wigs at 16, shortly before dating rock stars like Axl Rose in her 20s. She was the kind of hottie an aspiring rock star could expect to have on their arm and appear in their pretentious music videos, wearing the world's sluttiest wedding dress. At least until the inevitable and highly publicised break up, which was so bad at one point they actually had to go to court to resolve it.

Stephanie was just full of firsts back in the day. She was doing Victoria's Secret spreads over a decade before any of their current varsity team, back when VS was still primarily a mail order company with only a handful of retail stores. She was doing Playboy spreads (Google that) and quite often refusing to stay dressed in several other magazines back when that sort of thing was still relatively risque. She even pioneered the idea of getting hitched to billionaires before it was cool when she married super rich master of the universe Peter Brant, shortly after her fiasco with Axl, and provided him with 3 future trust fund darlings. And as if all that wasn't enough, she's recently helped start the trend of old school models making comebacks in their 40s.

I get a kick out of these 1st generation supermodels doing sexy spreads again. It's heartening to see how hot they all still look today. It makes the past seem a little less passed. Still, my real soft spot for the likes of Stephanie and her crew comes from those old days. Well, maybe soft spot is the wrong term. None of those ladies ever made me soft. I hope they never do.


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