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Flashback Friday: Reminiscing on robo-babe Tia Carrere

06.12.2015by: Droz



It's amazing how many big league hotties the 90s chewed up and spat out by the time we got to the new millennium. Take Tia Carrere. After the two WAYNE'S WORLD movies and TRUE LIES, it wasn't out of bounds to think she was poised to be one of those oft seen hotties who shows up in everything. And why not? She was doing comedies, dramas and action movies and holding her own in all of them. She was super hot, stacked, with that sexy Asian thing. Girl was right up there on my most bangable list a million years ago. You just didn't see that many exotic creatures like her running around back in those days, which made her all the better in my eyes. In fact, I'm sure my whole fascination with the Eurasian babes comes from all the time I spent admiring Tia and her sexy everything.

"Camera One. Camera Two. Camera One. Camera Two."

Seems pretty crazy that someone as beautiful as Tia didn't parlay all the great things she had going for her into a larger career. But she did stray fairly quickly from those early 90s highs, though like many a discarded hottie, she didn't go away completely. That would have been a true tragedy. She's kept herself busy since the blockbuster movies went elsewhere, doing a few goofy TV shows and voice overs in popular animated movies. Fairly standard fair for many a mid-level actor looking to keep busy. Tia also does her own thing outside of Hollywood, going back to her Polynesian roots by singing in Hawaiian music albums, a couple of which earned Grammys in 2009 and 2011. A not so standard move for sure, but one that's obviously paid off for her.

Even better than all that is how Tia has remained totally bangable after all these years, which is yet another great thing about lovely Asian women like her. She did a full nude spread in Playboy at 36 and totally killed the hell out of that. Now at the ripe old age of 48, she's still a beautiful woman. Even as many of her contemporaries subside to the ravages of old age, Tia's hotness endures. That kind of longevity might just be the greatest success of them all.

Now look at Tia being super hot in our customary mega gallery below.

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