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Flashback Friday: Remember when Connie Nielsen was in everything?

12.11.2015by: Droz

I was browsing around the various on demand movie options the other night and happened upon a guilty favorite of mine, namely the 1998 Kurt Russel sci-fi vehicle SOLDIER. Not a great film, although it does have its moments, as is the case with most Paul W.S. Anderson movies. It also fits into that sweet spot for movies costarring Connie Nielsen. You may not recognize that name, but you recognize the woman if you've seen any major motion picture made between the years 1997 to 2005. If you made a major motion picture in that time, chances were pretty good it had Connie in it.

The Danish beauty was frequently cast as the hottie component in a whole range of movies during those years, playing her standard role as the cougarish, non-specifically European exotic. It's a presentation that served her well in that time. I think about her playing Satan's daughter in THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, doing the famously twisted impression of Christ on the cross while bare ass naked in one of the better nude scenes of the decade. You probably know her best as the sexy Roman MILF stuck between her fear of an incestuous brother and her hots for a disgraced general in GLADIATOR. Other movies include RUSHMORE, MISSION TO MARS, ONE HOUR PHOTO, THE ICE HARVEST and various other films both good and bad.

That's a pretty good run there, but it did die down toward the middle of the 2000s. Things happen that way in Hollywood. An actor du jour comes along, seems to show up in everything for a time, then diminishes. I suspect they really have to be devoted to that kind of "he/she's in everything" career. Look at Samuel L. Jackson. That guy has been in everything for 20 years now. That's because he never took a break from that to have a kid or do a play or whatever. Year after year they ask him to do movies, and he does them. Maybe they suck. Maybe they're billion dollar earners. Doesn't matter. He does them anyway. For whatever reason Connie's high profile streak ended, but she hasn't disappeared. I saw her recently in Lars Von Trier's decidedly f'ed up ode to sexual addition NYMPHOMANIAC. She also does some TV and various gigs back in Europe. Best of all, at 50 years old she's still pulling off that older Euro babe thing. High profile or not, it's that kind of consistency you really have to appreciate.

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