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Flashback Friday: Rachael Leigh Cook's a delicious dish

05.16.2014by: Droz

It looked like many of you got carried away with Kristen Bell's participation in Allure magazine's recent nude issue. So caught up were you that you might have missed the fact that doe-eyed hottie Rachael Leigh Cook also got herself free of clothing in that very same issue.

With all due respect to Kristen, for me it was the sight of Rachael sort of in the buff that made the biggest impression. Being as captivated with sweet-faced, brown-eyed, petite little hotties as I am, becoming nuts for Rachael was an immediate and effortless thing for me. As such, I've been waiting a long time for her to take it all off, though I'm not sure this Allure spread really counts. But there's still plenty of time left for her to take that leap. For most folks, her time as a hottie desire probably began with SHE'S ALL THAT back in 1999. But how many remember her from the year before, when she was the analogizing hottie with frying pan who everyone wanted to do heroine with in perhaps the most famous anti-drug PSA of them all?

I've never did try heroine, though not because of anything Rachael and her anti-egg stance did to dissuade me. In fact, I probably would have turned junkie pretty fast, were heroine the key to getting someone like Rachael in my life. So in that sense her PSA was kind of a failure, though it did do wonders for her career, helping her get gigs in the various late 90s teenage sapfests that followed.

Unfortunately, it's been a mixed bag for Rachael since then, at least professionally. She's done lots of indie movies and shows that never became much or only hung around for a few seasons. She's done some vocal work in a few video games and animated shows. Yet despite all that, Rachael has never achieved the same heights she reached in the late 90s and early 2000s. She hasn't let that get her down though. Her TNT show Perception recently got renewed for a 3rd season and she's still getting herself out there in various ways.

That's all well and good, but like a lot of people I'm still kind of stuck on Rachael from her turn of the millennium heights. She was just about the perfect realization of my ideal hottie back then. And you never forget the great ones like that. She also did what's perhaps my favorite thing she's ever done around that time by posing in the very first edition of FHM magazine. Look at her in that little blue number. Damn, they really shot their wad with that one. That mag has grown and put out a lot of content since then, but not many of their spreads have as much significance to me as their first.

Check out that spread and a bunch more of Rachael's best picture moments below.


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