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Flashback Friday: Musing on Jennifer Love Hewitt's early hottie days

03.18.2016by: Droz

I got to thinking about how long it's been since we had any reason to post pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was a thought prompted by a factoid I read somewhere which mentioned, rather insensitively, how Jennifer has never done a movie with a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Makes me wonder if her recent absence around here and those generally poor ratings are related somehow. Whatever the story with Jen nowadays, one thing is for sure - she was a whole lot better back in the day.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in House Arrest Jennifer Love Hewitt in McKenna

There are a lot of things one can say about JLH's early days on the scene. Maybe you liked her on a show or in a movie. Maybe you saw that Rotten Tomatoes thing coming. I, personally, credit JLH with making me feel like a dirty old man way before my time. Just look at those pics above of her when she was only 15. I had a couple years on her at that point, but it was already clear she was one of those early developers. It was this highly developed state that surely gave her the popularity needed to quickly segue from supporting roles on TV, to leading lady status with movies like CAN'T HARDLY WAIT or the first of several hundred I KNOW WHAT YOU DID movies.

If I had to pick one thing I'm most fond of from any point in JLH's beginnings as a superstar, it would have to be HEARTBREAKERS. Not a great movie, but my god did she look amazing in it. It still stands as one of the more profound examples of a pair of tits carrying an entire movie, along with a still hot Ripley as a nice little bonus. Even if the movies and shows kinda sucked, the always successful titty shows proved to be an easy way to garner attention for young Jennifer, which translated to many, many more such displays from older Jennifer as the years unfolded. I was particularly fond of those bandage dresses Jen used to wear whenever she had the chance. If there was ever a dress best suited to her, it was those.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bandage dress

Unfortunately, the JLH dream cannot last forever. Biological clocks and network cancellations have moved JLH out of the mainstream and into part time work territory. Once again, motherhood robs us of another legendary hottie. I'd like to hope her smaller profile is just a temporary thing, but there is the matter of that 3-year drought on sexy JLH imagery. Seems a lot longer than the typical maternal leave situation, even for Hollywood. Something tells me we may have lost the show off Jennifer Love Hewitt we once knew and loved. That would suck, so I really hope it's not true. However, if it is, at least we'll always have the memories. Speaking of that, here's a whole afternoon's worth of classic JLH goodness. Check them out below.

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