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Flashback Friday: More evidence of Susan Sarandon's superior MILF/GILF cred

01.22.2016by: Droz

My colleague Cherry Liquor recently chose Susan Sarandon as the current sexiest celebrity grandma. That's a fitting nod to someone who for as long as I can remember was the hottest MILF around. That also gets me thinking about all the unfortunate events in the celebrity world lately. We're barely 3 weeks into this new year and already 2016 has become an especially deadly time for longstanding cherished celebs. Suddenly famous folks around the 70-year-old mark are dropping like flies. Susan is going to turn the big 7-0 this year as well. Fingers crossed that nothing happens to her or any more famous folks in her age bracket, because that shit is just depressing. Susan herself, on the other hand, has always been a pleasure.

One can argue that there are plenty of other MILFy hotties out there deserving of recognition. That's true. However, few have been playing that part for as long as Susan. We're talking the better part of 4 decades. In fact, Susan was playing MILFs long before that acronym existed. And if she wasn't somebody's hot mom, she was the hot older woman. Trends like that are a rare thing among celebs of Susan's generation, but her success there comes as a peculiarity of her rise to fame. Unlike most actresses, who get their big break when they're young and then peak somewhere before their 40s or 50s, Susan didn't start to hit her stride, both as an actress and a hottie, until she had reached those middle age years. So not only did Susan buck trends, she essentially wrote the playbook for how to extend one's sex appeal indefinitely. That's a playbook some of the aging hotties in Hollywood will no doubt make use of in years to come.

Those up and coming cougars will have a hard time besting Susan's hottie run. Pick out any stop on her decades long tour of sexy and I'll show you a woman of imminent bangability. Even today, despite being almost old enough to be my grandmother, I'd still gladly hit that. Usually it's only dads or even grandpas who spend 30+ years getting horny for the same woman. Susan has had many of us burning a slow flame for her for longer than some of our actual relationships. I expect that fire to burn for a long time to come.

Now flashback to 70 pics of Susan's best hottie moments, one for each year she's been around.

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