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Flashback Friday: Michelle Pfeiffer is the best catwoman and the best in general

06.26.2015by: Droz

Nowadays you're likely to find more people praising the virtues of Anne Hathaway's take on the much beloved Catwoman character. Anne did a fine job, but for my money, no one captured the character better than Michelle Pfeiffer. Totally crazy, totally hot, violent, playful and twisted, her patent leather pussycat is where my mind goes when I think of Batman's on again, off again nemesis.



That's a great Michelle Pfeiffer performance, one of two that stand as my personal favorites. She's had a number of memorable roles over the years, working alongside some of the great leading men of the last 40 years. Most people probably saw her first in SCARFACE way back in '83. Her role as Elvira, the titular character's squeeze, was her big break, yet stands as my least favorite of the more well known Michelle roles. Sure, Tony Montana was a thoroughly despicable person, but at least he had personality. All Michelle's character had were several addictions and an ever-present moodiness in almost every scene. She did look pretty hot in that early 80s Debbie Harry style, but man was she walking a fine line. I'm really surprised she didn't get typecast as the bitch from that role.

I'm sure Michelle's looks were her saving grace there. An angel face like that makes her sympathetic. People want to root for her, idolize her, pine for her. I know I used to crush pretty bad on Michelle, thanks to that other favorite role I mentioned earlier. My fellow children of the 80s will join with me in hailing her role as Isabeau in LADYHAWKE as perhaps just as memorable as her time spent in patent leather.

Such a precious slice of 80s nostalgia right there. You're just not human if your heart doesn't ache for Michelle and Rutger in that scene and then later in the happy ending. That's one of those "remote droppin'" movies. If I see it's coming on, I gotta watch it. It's like a duty. Michelle is a big reason for that. Even with the 80s short hair, she's still a vision of beauty unparalleled.

All these years later, Michelle's looks are still there, even as she approaches 60. She's still a beautiful woman. Unfortunately she doesn't show up in things as much as she used to (her last role was in 2013's THE FAMILY). Some of that Hollywood ageism, perhaps? Or maybe just Michelle feeling like she's done what she came here to do. Whatever her absence is about, Michelle's place as one of the great beauties of my day, or anyone's day, is fully secure.

Scroll through a comprehensive retrospective of Michelle's beauty through the years below.


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