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Flashback Friday: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen weren't always creepy

05.15.2015by: Droz

The last few years have seen the world develop a quick fascination with Elizabeth Olsen. Rightfully so. She's not only beautiful and hot, but also talented and well cast in tremendously popular movies. There was a time, not too long ago at all, when some thought of Elizabeth's burgeoning career as nepotism. That's because Elizabeth was coming up in the once broad shadow of her older siblings, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. It's safe to say that Elizabeth's many fine qualities have reversed and even eclipsed her big sisters for celebrity status. It's probable degrees of fame mean very little to the three of them. However, that reversal is still quite telling of the older Olsen sisters' story up to now.

Folks my age, or those who enjoy cheesy 80s family TV, know how Mary Kate and Ashley got their start. Playing the youngest of the Tanner family on Full House, they became the biggest thing on that show as toddlers and proceeded to stay phenomenons in pop culture throughout their formative years and beyond. The cash machine generated by their subsequent empire of youth-oriented movies, TV, home video, music, and fashion lines made them both multi-millionaires before they even got into high school. Nowadays it's estimated the Olsen twins are sitting on a $300 million fortune. Being cute kids certainly paid off big time for them. And for a brief time they appeared destined to transition just as successfully into sex symbol fantasy fodder. It seemed Mary Kate and Ashley would forever be remembered as the embodiments of most men's twin sexcapade fantasies.

So what happened? This happened.


Yeah, it's pretty much the same story we've heard a dozen times before. Little kids grow up to be huge cultural sensations and spend their youths slathered in so much excess praise, media hype and cash that reality goes out the window. Throw in a somewhat creepy twin thing, an apparently mutual flirtation with elective surgeries, various other bizarre antics and, well, there you have it. Today the Olsen twins seem content to stay mostly aloof as they rake in their still accumulating fortunes with little to no interest in past fame or any future exploits in that area. It's doubtful they were ever destined to be great actresses anyway. Not like their younger sister. So perhaps that infamous acting bug never worked it's way into either one of them.

Some nonetheless call them selfish for their disinterest in reliving the past with things like the upcoming Netflix reboot, Fuller House. But I don't blame them for feeling that way. They've got more money than they'll ever need and thus no pressure to keep up the fight where fame is concerned. Unlike most other child stars who make ends meet by clinging to whatever scraps of fame they have left in later life, the Olsen twins are free to do whatever the hell they like. They can go be recluses in their luxury Manhattan apartments and never again think about Full House or any of their former exploits.

That's nice, but unlike them, I don't have a problem flashing back to what I consider to be their best time. Check out the gallery below and see if you agree with me on that.



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