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Flashback Friday: Long ago in a Rolling Stone from '83, Carrie Fisher reigned supreme

01.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

2015 at the box office went out with a mighty bang, ushering in over $650 million in ticket sales for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. If they set the Falcon at cruising speed, it won't take long for the seventh installment in the space sage to surpass the international take of the biggies, TITANIC and AVATAR. Sadly, what the media decided to focus on was the continuing bullshit people talk about Carrie Fisher and her inability to be seen as more than a sex goddess. The internet was ablaze after Fisher tweeted her response to the snarky debate over how well she did or didn't age.

Instead of rehashing that nonsense, or getting into the infuriating #WheresRey debate, or even discussing how Harrison Ford & Mark Hamill both look like the grandpas that the reindeer ran over, backed up and ran over again a few dozen times, how about we consider that as we get older, no one wants to be with a statue of a human being, flawless but without personality. I'd love to be married to the Carrie Fisher of today - drug free, kooky, funny, interesting - than the Carrie who had to inhale Colombia to stay thin. It did make for a great photoshoot back in 1983, when RETURN OF THE JEDI was slaying box office tallies, and Rolling Stone gathered Carrie, Darth & the Ewoks for a summer at the beach, however. 
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