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Flashback Friday: Let's risk getting all up in Rebecca De Mornay's business

03.06.2015by: Droz

There are very few women in entertainment or anywhere who can hang on to hotness as long as Rebecca De Mornay has. For over 30 years she's conformed to some sort of a sexiness, be it as the tight young thing, the sultry cougar or lately the still hot at 50-something. Of course I was far too young to understand what getting hot for Rebecca was all about back when she first showed up on the scene. What I did gather from repeated late night viewings of RISKY BUSINESS while my parents thought I was asleep, is that there were all sorts of special things to like about this woman.


Quite an introduction to stardom, both for Rebecca and Tom. Unfortunately, followup success diverged rather sharply between the two of them after that point. While Tom spent the next 3 decades becoming a superstar of the highest order, Rebecca languished in '80s schmaltz (cinematic gems like FEDS come to mind). She did make an impressive comeback with THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, becoming every mother's nightmare in the form of the batshit yet still totally doable nanny. Yet as good as Rebecca was in that movie, it still failed to bring much of any followup success for her.

Rebecca hasn't gone away in the years since, although one could be forgiven for thinking she had. Despite getting regular work, she's never gotten the notoriety or the gigs she deserves. That's sad, because I've seen her truly shine in more than a few great roles. She's also got that amazing longevity thing going for her which she and we have enjoyed for so many years. Surely that must count for something in her business. So why didn't Rebecca ever get a bigger piece of the celebrity pie? I don't know. Bad luck maybe. Stars not aligned in her favor. It could be a lot of things. Even if Hollywood never have her credit where credit was due, there are many folks like myself who remain utterly taken with her since way back. Even better is that, unlike many from her youthful heyday, Rebecca ages like a fine wine, getting hotter and hotter over time. It's a rare thing for bangability to actually increase as the years go by. You have to respect it when you find it.

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