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Flashback Friday: Lauren Ambrose was the best redhead square peg

03.04.2016by: Droz

It was a surprise to see Lauren Ambrose playing Scully's doppelganger on The X-Files resurrection.

Lauren Ambrose on The X-Files

Well, it was a surprise for me, since I was purposefully avoiding any news or gossip about the show. It was also a surprise to see how kinda shitty Lauren looked on the show - something akin to a college softball pitcher in extra innings. Not sure what that was about, but the speculation is Lauren and her Mulder-like co-star Robbie Amell will be in some sort of an X-Files spinoff. Or maybe they're just there to cover the bases in the event they can't get Gillian and David back for another season. Whatever her fate, they should have done better by Lauren. After all, she's been a very special treat for almost 20 years now to people like myself who, despite our best interests, enjoy their redheads sharp tongued.

Lauren Ambrose in Can't Hardly Wait

It all started for me and Lauren with CAN'T HARDLY WAIT back in 1998. Most people would probably go with Jennifer Love Hewitt as the one they permanently fell for thanks to that movie. While I can't honestly exclude myself from that group, I was just as much about Lauren's angry redhead in the corner, giving people at the party the business for their dumb shit. Sounds like my perfect girl. Anyway, I found her just as cute as Jen Love. Maybe cuter because, again, red hair.

Lauren Ambrose in Six Feet Under

Becoming synonymous with the whole concept of wise ass, pissed off and cynical teenagers worked out well for Lauren, as it got her a very similar gig a few years later when Six Feet Under hit the airwaves. One of HBO's more daring projects during its golden age of original series, SFU's often bizarrely Baroque explorations of the events in the lives of a family of undertakers could be a challenge to take in sometimes. I found myself fluctuating between true empathy and honest dislike for most of the show's characters, Lauren's included. Also probably not the best show to watch when trying to save a marriage. Not just because it often dealt with life changes and making different choices, but also because my fascination with Lauren was hard to conceal. That might have something to do with why I'm single now.

Since then Lauren has become one of those actresses I see around from time to time. Absent a long-running gig, she just kinda shows up in different things. Such a career might sound a little hobo-like, but I actually kinda like it. She surprises me. All the sudden, there's Lauren again, looking all beautiful with her still bright red hair. Except for those X-Files episodes. If they bring her back for more paranormal investigations, at least slip her some foundation, people. None of us are getting any younger here.

Check out a big ass gallery of Lauren at her best below.

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