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Flashback Friday: Laura Harring made the best first impression ever

05.29.2015by: Droz

It's not every day that someone shows up in one of their first feature films and does something so amazing that it sticks in your memory years later. Even more unusual is when that first role remains the thing you remember most about that actor, even after a decade and a half of work in plenty of other things. Such is the case for me and Laura Harring. Those of you familiar with Laura know the movie I'm speaking of. That's the David Lynch neo-noir thriller MULHOLLAND DRIVE (not to be confused with MULHOLLAND FALLS, an equally sexy neo-noir thriller starring Jennifer Connelly which also gave the impression of some sexy things going down on Mulholland). Lynch's movie is full of great moments between Laura and her equally hot co-star Naomi Watts, the two of them caught up in one of the most passionate lesbian romances in screen history. For those unfamiliar, check out a very much NSFW taste of what this movie has to offer.

I could watch that everyday and never get tired of it. Laura getting down with Naomi is fascinating fare, but so is some of Laura's story, which reads like something from the life of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Laura made her debut as a celebrity when she won the Miss USA pageant in 1985. Before that she lived in Mexico with her German-Austrian father and Spanish-Mexican mother. At 10 they moved to Texas, where Laura was later shot in the head during a drive-by, the .45 bullet grazing her skull and missing her brain by a single millimeter.

At 16 she convinced her parents to let her attend college in Switzerland, before returning to Texas to enter beauty pageants where she worked her way up from regional pageants to Miss USA. She celebrated her national pageant win by travelling through Asia, exploring Europe and working as a social worker in India. Shortly thereafter she married a man with the most impressive moniker ever - Carl-Eduard Otto Wolfgang Jayme Anders Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen. Now that's a fuc*in' name. They were only married for two years, but she retains the title of Gräfin, essentially making her defacto German nobility.

That's a whole lot of life lived in 25 years. It all makes her acting career somewhat underwhelming by comparison. While Laura did study acting at a prestigious London academy, her career as an actress has been relatively modest. She remains present, popping up in various productions fairly regularly both on TV and in the occasional movie. Nothing has come close to topping her MULHOLLAND DRIVE performance. I don't know if one hit wonder is an appropriate description of Laura's acting career. She does have one wonderful hit though. I think I'll watch it again now. Maybe 5 more times before the day is out. What a spectacular woman.

Check out a 60-pic gallery of Laura looking just as spectacular below.


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