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Flashback Friday: Jolene Blalock probably gave great Pon Farr

11.27.2015by: Droz

As part of our continuing look back on Star Trek hotties of old, we revisit the troubled legacy of Star Trek Enterprise. AKA the red-headed step child of the Trek TV franchise, due to the fact that it's the show fans love to beat up on, which is not exactly undeserved treatment. Advertised as a pre-Kirk, pre-Starfleet origin story, Enterprise ended up instead as a bizarre collection of Cold War analogies and nonsensical time travel premises. Writing issues aside, Enterprise did have a few good points. One of the best being its token Vulcan crew member T'Pol, played by actress and model Jolene Blalock.

Like any good Vulcan, Blalock's T'Pol was the definition of a cold fish. Emotionless, for the most part, aloof for much of the series, she did possess a certain fascination theretofore unexplored in previous Trek iterations - namely the phenomenon of the hot Vulcan babe. For many of the male characters on the show (and certainly many geeks watching at home), the idea of bypassing that emotionless logic and unleashing the barely contained sex beast inside, became their new fantasy fodder. That was helped by the fact that the showrunners knowingly found ways to get Ms. Blalock out of uniform whenever possible. I was particularly fond of the regular disinfecting rub downs the show's characters gave each other after every planetary away mission. Come on, who wouldn't want to massage oil into every single inch of a sexy thing like this?

Jolene Blalock Enterprise

For a time, Jolene's new celebrity served her and the rest of us well. She was doing spreads in Maxim and Playboy and pretty much any magazine willing to let her pose with as little clothing as possible. Enterprise was off to a rough start, but that's not unheard of with Star Trek series. Unfortunately, the show continued to struggle with ratings and its own identity, which eventually led to an early demise, followed shortly by the UPN network which aired it.

That was over decade ago. Since then, Jolene's career has transitioned to something akin to other Star Trek babes who came before her, namely far more modest roles and a severely reduced spotlight. Kind of a shame, as she was so good at what she did, be it playing bangable aliens or some of the best eye candy around. But as usual, we still have the memories of Jolene at her best. Check out a few of those memories below.



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