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Flashback Friday: I've always wanted to possess Sigourney Weaver

07.22.2016by: Droz

So we saw the new GHOSTBUSTERS last weekend. Sheesh, if there was ever a movie completely unworthy of all the vitriolic buildup, it was that one. Sure, it wasn't the greatest movie ever. It wasn't even the best movie of the summer movie season, or the best movie in July 2016 for that matter. It certainly wasn't the worst movie either. Not even close. You know what it is? It's another goddamn remake. An ambitious, more thought out remake than most - but still a remake. In the end, it made me want to go watch the original, which as usual turned out to be a far more entertaining experience overall. Part of the reason for this superiority, in my opinion, is Sigourney Weaver.

Sigourney has a cameo in the new movie, along with many other players from the original. Yet it's her role in the first one that stands as legend to folks who grew up watching it. As a mere tyke when the original premiered in the early 80s, I grew up on repeated GHOSTBUSTERS viewings on cable, slowly coming to understand more of the jokes as the years and my own experiences increased. Having been indoctrinated into the OG-GB club at such a young age, I've always thought of Sigourney as Dana Barrett before Ripley or any of the other characters she's played over the years. Bring up Signourney to me and the first thing I think of is this:

Even as a little kid, I knew there was something special about Sigourney in that scene. Intervening years have only clarified things there, giving me a strange fetish for women possessed by malevolent god creatures (too bad one never runs into them in real life). Since then I've probably seen just about every movie Sigourney has ever made, in the process realizing and appreciating her prowess as an actress and even further examples of both her comedic abilities and her hottie cred in movies like GALAXY QUEST and HEARTBREAKERS. In fact, I recently included her in a ranking of hottest hotties from the 80s me and some buds were compiling. The non-cinephiles scoffed at me for that, probably because they only know her from far less sexually gratifying depictions of Ellen Ripley in the ALIEN movies. I get that. I love Sigourney as Ripley too. It's just too bad they haven't got the kind of experiences with her fans like me have. They don't know what they're missing. Check out what you may have missed about Sigourney in the gallery below.

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