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Flashback Friday: It's Tawny Kitaen, AKA the hottie in the Whitesnake video

01.09.2015by: Droz

I wonder how many future rock stars were put on that path by the promise that they too might one day have a leggy redhead spread eagle on the hood of their Jag. I know I used to dream of such a thing and I can't even play an instrument or carry a tune. More than anything else, it's those kinds of dreams that will be the legacy of Tawny Kitaen. Hotties like her were at least half of the reason for becoming a rock star back then. It certainly couldn't have been about the music. You puffed your hair up real big, maybe put on some eyeliner and blush and screamed into a mike. And in return you got lots of cash and Tawny. Just like the dude in this video. Maybe you didn't know it, but the above video isn't really a video. It's more of a documentary. See, Tawny was banging David Coverdale, the lead singer of Whitesnake, at the time of they were making this album. That's how she got into the video.

Making people dream of banging her was how Tawny got things done back in those days. Perhaps you remember her tour-de-force performance in a little cinematic travesty called BACHELOR PARTY, opposite a still struggling, pre-Oscar darling Tom Hanks? It's essentially a movie entirely about a dude giving up his life of banging super hot women just so he can get hitched to Tawny and spend the rest of his life banging her with kitchen utensils. It was a believable premise back in those days. Just look at her. 22-years-old, as yet unsullied by booze and drugs and the boozy, drugged up hands of sweaty rock stars. No reason to think you can hold out for something better.

Of course, the law of diminishing returns must come into play at some point with pretty much all hotties. Thus, by the turn of the millennium, all her time spent screwing and marrying rock gods and famous dudes of various stripes had begun to take its toll on Tawny. Spousal abuse charges, drug charges and the inevitable DUI convictions followed. I wont even get into her stops on that last rung on the celebrity ladder known as reality shows. What can you say? We all get old and lose it eventually. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be stuff dreams are made of though. I'll always prize my dreams of Tawny.

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