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Flashback Friday: I'll take Laura Prepon's Hot Donna over her new black

06.24.2016by: Droz

The 4th season of Netflix's celebrated series Orange is the New Black just premiered last week. Telling the story of women behind bars, the show has become a big hit for Netflix and it's stars, among them Laura Prepon. It's a show I've been known to binge watch when a new season arrives, despite the fact that it doesn't have a whole lot to say to me as a heterosexual male, apart from scenes like this one:

Laura Prepon OITNB lesbian shower scene

Laura playing a lesbian prison inmate fond of sexing up her fellow prisoners in the showers is a great thing and all, but watching her do so takes on a special significance for fans of her first television hit, That 70's Show. The throwback comedy about young people living in 1970's Wisconsin, which ran from 1998 to 2006, made Laura and most of her fellow cast mates over night phenoms. Though it was Laura in particular who tickled this news editor's fancy with her feisty redhead character "Hot Donna" Pinciotti. As a frequent glutton for redheaded punishment, the idea of being derided and humiliated by a moody, crimson-haired Laura became my go to fantasy fodder for a time.

That 70's Show cast

We had a lot of fun with Laura around the turn of the millennium, as her rise to fame spurred the then widely circulated spank mags like Maxim to select her for their revealing spreads. It was a time when gloriously redheaded women like Laura ran proud and free across the countryside, being hot and temperamental in their own special way. But, like all good things, this had to come to an end. An end which, for this guy anyway, happened right around the moment Laura first showed up looking like this:

Laura Prepon Blonde

Ugh, now there's disappointment personified. It wasn't so much that Laura became undesirable once she went blonde. She just lost something without the red. It's like when your favorite band puts out their passion project album which totally upends their whole style, so that they never sound quite as good again. Years of a blonde Laura was like that for me. Even when she briefly went back to the red for a time, it wasn't the same. Nowadays Laura seems to have devoted herself to some kind of weird scientologist witch goth vibe, which only succeeds in making me nostalgic for Hot Donna all the more. Even if they're long gone, those days will always be Laura's greatest hits to me.

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