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Flashback Friday: I'm still kinda crushing on 80s Kim Cattrall

10.18.2013by: Droz

Were you like me as a kid and prone to crushing on all the girls? I was so pathetic that way. I used to get horrible crushes on all the girls at my school. And my beautiful English teacher Ms. Evans with the long, graceful legs. And the hot hairdresser my mom took me too that always shoved her tits in my face as she cut my hair. And the repeated sight of Kim Cattrall dancing around and flashing her sweet smile in that ultimate 80s kitsch experience called MANNEQUIN. They used to air that movie seemingly daily on HBO, where I was faithfully tuned in every afternoon to get my fix of the sweetest, most lovable creature that walked the Earth at that time.

Looking back on it now it's amazing that anything from such a goofball movie could ever inspire such devotion, but it wasn't just that movie. There were also such immortal 80s classics like POLICE ACADEMY, TURK 182 and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA to reinforce my obsessions - all films that also routinely showed up on cable. Of course you can't forget PORKY'S, where she actually got naked and did sexy shit. I didn't get to that one until later though, which was probably a good thing as I think I would have blown a head gasket were I to have seen a scene like the one referenced below in the midst of a full on youthful obsession.

Still one of the best reasons for a man to appreciate and strive to evoke the female orgasm.

Then later she played a Vulcan in STAR TREK 6, which further endeared her to me by appealing to my geeky side. I never begrudged her for Sex and the City, despite my deep loathing for that show. Being a guy and not caring anything for shoes or handbags, that show obviously didn't have much to say to me. Still, thanks to the growing power of the internet at that time, one could still catch Kim doing her thing in the buff thanks to clips posted online. Very impressive how she still pulled off playing the slutty one with the multiple sex scenes while in her 40s. It's crazy that Kim is pushing 60 now, but I still have a thing for her. Between that smile or the beauty mark or her impressive orgasmic vocalization skills, she was the perfect girl for me back in the day. 30 years later (sheesh), she's still pretty damn great.


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12:54AM on 10/19/2013

Definitely a classic hottie

Looking at several of these pics, I see a strong resemblance to ChloŽ Grace Moretz. Especially in pics #5, 6, 9 and 10.
Looking at several of these pics, I see a strong resemblance to ChloŽ Grace Moretz. Especially in pics #5, 6, 9 and 10.
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