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Flashback Friday: I really miss geeking out with Morgan Webb

07.25.2014by: Droz

Geeks of all stripes are currently gathered down in southern California right now for the big SDCC festivities. Very much the Christmas of geekdom, this is the time of year when all are free to fly their nerd flag high. One rather celebrated attendee at SDCC this year, much like every other year before, is original nerd pin-up girl Morgan Webb. It might seem a little premature to be waxing nostalgic about Morgan. After all, her unfortunate booting from the airwaves happened less than 2 years ago. It makes more sense if you consider that the death of X-Play from the airwaves was the conclusion of a 10+ year run during which Morgan almost single-handedly made geekdom sexy.

I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I got into Morgan way back in those early days of Tech TV and The Screen Savers. Morgan started out as an associate producer and researcher on that show which covered various topics related to the techie lifestyle. Her behind the scenes role didn't last long though, for when Morgan began to find her way in front of the camera, she became an instant hit with that show's acne and Cheeto fingers prone demographic. I myself once utilized a long since abandoned Hotmail account to encourage the folks at Tech TV to put more of Morgan on the air. That kind of mass encouragement paid off and Morgan was soon hosting her own show and garnering attention outside geek circles with sexy spreads in Maxim and FHM magazines.

The rare appeal of a woman who can simultaneously stand out as a hottie and completely annihilate your ass at most any game you put in front of her, made Morgan a beloved figure in the geek community. It was those characteristics which earned her a nice, decade-long run as the main fixture both on Tech-TV and later on G4. Sadly, the inevitable collapse of TV-based technology and internet culture channels spelled doom for the celebrity statuses of pretty much every notable name on the now mostly defunct G4 - Morgan's included. Nowadays she spends her time working for Activision Blizzard and occasionally shows up in various online World of Warcraft discussion shows. That might pale against her past days of glory, but at least she had her moment in the sun. I know she still elicits warm feelings from me. I just wish I could have had the chance to take up a Dual Shock and go one-on-one with her. I don't know why, but being digitally humiliated at the hands of a hottie like Morgan has always sounded really hot to me.


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