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Flashback Friday: Where does Minnie Driver stand in the ranks of 90s babes?

07.08.2016by: Droz

I found myself unexpectedly watching Minnie Driver in some show just recently. Unfortunately for her, I was about to slip into unconsciousness following an all night gaming bender and thus didn't think to catch the name of the thing I saw. I did see enough to gather that, unlike most over 40 relics from the 90s, Minnie seems to be holding up rather well. Yet for most of us who recall the 90s, Minnie's sweet spot will always be the years of '95-'97. These were her CIRCLE OF FRIENDS/GROSSE POINTE BLANK/GOOD WILL HUNTING years - probably the holy trinity of Minnie Driver nostalgia.

I seem to recall some differing of opinion back in them days about Minnie's worth as a hottie. Apparently some found her rather pronounced facial features a little off-putting. I, for one, never had a problem with her looks, especially at the beginning of my familiarity with her in CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, when she had a little more meat on her. I was all about her cute freckles and I dug her curly hair. Even better was Minnie's playful, personable, off color personality which shone through best in my favorite of her movies from this time, GROSSE POINTE BLANK (I'm pretty sure most of the pics in the gallery below were shot during the making of that movie). Hollywood dug Minnie's looks as well, which is why they paired her up with some of the top leading men of the day, including Chris O'Donnell, John Cusack, and Matt Damon. Plus, it was clear from the start that Minne was never the shy type (NSFW)

Minnie Driver in Circle of Friends

Minnie Driver's Boob

Yet, like many a 90s hottie, Minnie had a few good years and then declined, although she's been around fairly continuously in smaller roles. I suppose this kind of bright flash and subsequent diminishing happens with hotties from every decade past, but it seems like the 90s produced more than its fair share of them. Now that an intervening 20+ years has come and gone, allowing nostalgia's rose colored glasses do their work, I wonder how you now think of Minnie? Do you side with the naysayers? Or do her good points outweigh any nitpicking?

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