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Flashback Friday: Hit me Britney Spears one more time

04.01.2016by: Droz

It came as some surprise to see Britney Spears restore herself to a semblance of her much younger self recently. The sight of her there in that bikini got me thinking about her early days. I was past high school age when the Britney experience began. Not that I would have ever been into her whole pop star musical stylings, even if we were the same age. As a certified metal geek well into my 20s, listening to Britney would have been tantamount to treason. However, it was not lost to me, nor any other guy with a viable sex drive, what all the hype was about.

They wisely made of Britney the epitome of the schoolgirl sex fantasy. Before Japan made a whole sub genre of porn out of the look, Britney in her barely there uniform and thigh highs was giving teenage boys something to dream about and grown men something to pretend they didn't notice. It was and is one of the most successful pop culture introductions in modern history - so successful that pretty much everyone was on her bandwagon. Even so, I think most of us were far more comfortable come the year 2000, when thoughts of Britney no longer come with a trip to perv town, which I believe is somewhere under an overpass.

It's funny looking back on Britney's early days now. How scandalous it all was then with Britney dancing around in body suits on Mars, singing in her little nasally, Bettie Boop rip off voice. Who knew in a few years this would all become as quaint as a 50s rock star shaking his hips on Ed Sullivan. How could they have ever foreseen the days when the hot, young things who followed in Britney's wake would resort to full frontal nudity just to stay ahead of the game. I wont even get into Kevin Federline and her various unsightly run-ins with paparazzi and hair clippers. Talk about hitting bottom.

So yeah, Britney has had her ups and downs in almost 20 years as a pop star. Lately though it seems like her dirty 30s have placed her in a relatively stable place. She still does huge concerts to thousands of devoted fans. Only now she gets to offset that as a MILFy mom who still looks great in a bikini. Not a bad outcome for her. I hate to think what Miley is going to look like in 15 years. That ain't gonna be pretty. But let's think nice thoughts and reflect on Britney's formative years with a whole bunch of pics. She had such a fine form, wouldn't you agree?

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