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Flashback Friday: Hard to believe we've had a quarter century of Ashley Judd

03.20.2015by: Droz

Of course Ashley Judd has been around a lot longer than a quarter century, although you can't hardly tell just by looking at her. The star of INSURGENT has shown a remarkable ability to hang on to that youthful sweetness and charm well into her 40s. She still looks just as hot to me as her much younger co-stars - perhaps even hotter than them. As good as she is now, my mind still goes back to that bright-eyed 20-something we first met way back in that strange time known as the 90s. My fellow Star Trek fans will remember Ashley's debut role as Ensign Lefler, Wesley Crusher's squeeze and the cutest little thing in Engineering. Ashley successfully entered my heart with that super tight uniform and has remained there ever since. Thank goodness for that show's penchant for squeezing it's female cast into the most form-fitting shit possible.


Yeah, those Star Trek days were good, but they were nothing compared to what Ashley got up to next. Starting around 1996, Ashley began showing up in all kinds of stuff where sex and nudity ran rampant. One I'm especially fond of was her role as one half of a domestic Bonnie & Clyde in the movie NORMAL LIFE, wherein she plays a bored housewife who gets her kicks out of shooting guns and robbing banks. Unfortunately she had to share her sex scenes with an also nude Luke Perry and his creepy pornstache, which did put a damper on those proceedings. We did get another taste of Ashley nakedness that same year when she played a young Marilyn Monroe in the HBO movie Norma Jean and Marilyn. She made her way through much of that movie wearing very little, though it's her NSFW scene recreating Marilyn's iconic pinup photoshoot that remains a favorite of mine.

Those gigs helped Ashley truly take off in the years that followed, with leading roles coming one after another. Unfortunately many of those roles seemed to be the same role repeated over and over. The gist of these movies focused on the exploits of women caught up mysteries of crime and murder that somehow involved either Morgan Freeman or Tommy Lee Jones. Being mostly the same movies only slightly tweaked from one to the next made it inevitable that audiences quickly grew tired of them. That caused Ashley to fall into a post-typecasting funk for a spell. She's since spent some time digging her way out from that pigeonhole, doing smaller, female-oriented stuff in between her political activism, humanitarian and environmental charity efforts.

And as is usually the case, Ashley's once glorious time spent getting naked and sexy on screen are mostly behind her. Like so many of our flashback subjects, Ashley plays the mom now, though curiously not in real life. She never had any kids, which might be why she still looks so good. Those damn rug rats, they do take a toll. Her's was certainly an uncommon choice where parentage is concerned, but I give her kudos for staying maternally unaffiliated. I like the idea of Ashley remaining no-too-far removed from her sexy salad days. I'd like to keep her that way for as long as possible.



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