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Flashback Friday: Gabrielle Anwar will always represent the 90s

06.28.2013by: Droz

You might have seen Gabrielle Anwar in various modern day stuff. She was on that show The Tudors and she's another show called Burn Notice. So she's not the sort who hangs around for awhile and then disappears or diminishes like so many of the hotties many of us knew and loved back in the day. Still, when I think of Gabby, it's not the current version of Gabrielle that comes to mind. She's still pretty hot at 42, but I've got to go back a couple decades to movies like THE THREE MUSKETEERS or even such cinematic treasures like IF LOOKS COULD KILL, starring the immortal Richard Grieco, to find the Gabrielle my mind's eye instantly brings up. She belonged to an elite few hotties from those days who I would have gladly committed gross atrocities to acquire. So cute, so sweet, so English, she was the stuff of a young, burgeoning anglophile's wet dreams.

Fortunately for me I got over the wet dreams part, but I've never really gotten over Gabrielle. I recently caught the younger Gabby in that movie FOR LOVE OR MONEY, starring her and Michael J. Fox. Not a great movie, but she still looked amazing in it. They show that movie a lot on cable, but if you watch any of the movie channels regularly, you'll know that the Gabby movie they have a true, perpetual hard on for is SCENT OF A WOMAN starring Al Pacino. They seem to show that night and day. They show it so often that I sometimes just put on in the background to put me to sleep at night. I always seem to wake up though when Gabrielle's scene comes on. The serene sounds of Pacino screaming his head off to a terrified Chris O'Donnell put me to sleep, but Gabrielle's delicate little English accent could wake me up from a coma. I think I just need to see her dance in the scene she and Pacino have together. Gabby was always beautiful, but when she laughs and smiles in that scene, her beauty gets exponentially greater. Of all the stuff she's done, I think it's that relatively modest role that will always be my favorite. If that's the only thing she ever did in a movie, I think I'd still be gushing about her like this. Quite a beauty.


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