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Flashback Friday: Few combine cute and hot quite like Alyssa Milano has

08.07.2015by: Droz

I got a little nostalgic from that Alyssa Milano post earlier this week. She has that effect on me. Luckily I needed someone to profile for a Flashback. I've spent way more years than I'd like to admit crushing on Alyssa. It's kind of hard not to become smitten with her when you look into those sweet doe eyes and infectious grins. What's even better is that on the flip side of Alyssa's sweetness is a sexy little thing who's not afraid to show off when the role requires it.

When graphing my personal interest in some of those roles, there are a few peaks and several valleys. You got TV shows in there like Who's The Boss or Charmed. Some of those are guilty pleasures, some now valuable mostly for their nostalgia factor. I have especially nice memories of that roughly 4 or 5 year period in the mid-90s when Alyssa, in her early 20s and at the height of her hotness, decided she wanted to sow her wild oats before a movie camera. Alyssa fans of my generation will probably remember that as a time when Alyssa was naked in just about everything she did. She was naked in movies, naked in magazines, naked in public. Those were good times for certain. Perhaps my favorite of her many sex charged efforts from those days is a little soft core, B-movie, schlockfest known as EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE. You might remember it for the vampire 4-way Alyssa's character engages in with the hot Asian woman from THE GOLDEN CHILD.

Of course, all good things must come to an end and by the late 90s Alyssa had graduated to somewhat less showy material. That didn't stop the fledgling internet from continuing to come up with Alyssa nude photos by their own means, aka crude Photoshopping. Alyssa wasn't too happy about that, to the point where she even sued and actually managed to get one whole website to take her nudes off the web. That sounds pretty silly now, but many were still clueless to the permanence of the interwebs back then. Anyway, she ultimately lost that war and now joins many other hotties in watching helplessly as fake nudes of herself continue to proliferate everywhere on the Web.

Nowadays, when not delving into writing graphic novels, Alyssa is having babies and posting controversial pics of her own on Instagram as one of those women who pisses off prudes by letting the world watch her nurse her kid. Funny how no one was moralizing when she was showing her tits for other purposes. Notwithstanding silly controversy, I don't think there has ever been a stage in Alyssa's career when I wasn't a devoted fan. I might not always like her TV shows or movies, but I have always liked Alyssa. Unlike some we've profiled in these flashbacks, being in her fan club has always been an honor. I can't imagine that ever changing.

Now enjoy about 100 examples of why my love affair with Alyssa will continue indefinitely.


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