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Flashback Friday: Brenda?

11.13.2015by: Droz

Bit of an inside joke there you non-Kevin Smith fans probably wont get. Other than inside jokes, I think it's fair to say that Shannen Doherty is synonymous with two things - the 90s and bitchiness. The former is actually a direct result of the latter for Shannen. That's what spending the better part of a decade as an irritable malcontent will do for you. Tends to limit your prospects. Which is unfortunate for Shannen, as her prospects were pretty damn good once upon a time.

After debuting in the apropos role of high school bitch in HEATHERS back in the late 80s, Shannen graduated to high school teen queen on Beverly Hills 90210, playing that previously joked about character Brenda Walsh, the Minnesota teen transplanted to Lala Land for assorted dramatic trysts with the beautiful people. For awhile she was the major source for teen spank material in early 90s television. And then her afore mentioned real life bitch came out, in the process pissing off producer Aaron Spelling so sufficiently as to get her booted from the show. That wouldn't be the last time attitude turned things sour for Shannen. Movies, TV shows, relationships, interviews, drops of hats - the bottom dropped out from many of them for Shannen, thanks to her notorious anger issues.

Shannen Doherty Charmed

Even if she often brought that stuff on herself, it was nonetheless a shame that Shannen had to be so irritable. Lovely brunette hotties not afraid to show off their goods in Playboy and elsewhere are so very much my thing. In any other circumstance I'd have been a much bigger fan of her. Sadly, she just seemed determined to demonstrate how personality is just as important a factor in attraction as looks.

Recent years seem to have chilled Shannen out somewhat. Perhaps she's had time to reflect on and take stock of not only what went down back in the day, but also what might have been had her temper not always gotten the better of her. No doubt her recent breast cancer diagnosis has affected her thinking as well. That's the shittiest disease among shitty diseases. We wish her the best of luck and a speedy recovery from that.

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