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Flashback Friday: Better to remember Tara Reid from back in the day

04.03.2015by: Droz

You may have seen those pics from earlier in the week depicting Tara Reid in a bikini at the beach. If you didn't see them, consider yourself lucky. Should curiosity overcome your better judgement, you can get the gist of the matter right here. Don't say I didn't warn you though. What a tragic fall from grace that girl has undergone in little less than 20 years. It's difficult to remember a time when she wasn't a drunken mess, falling down or falling out of her dress with those ridiculous fake tits - just more meat in the Hollywood grinder.

Folks who were old enough to go see AMERICAN PIE when it first came out will remember a very different Tara. Back then she was still the sweet little blonde pixie, convincing as the relatively inexperienced yet curious high school girl on the cusp of womanhood.

Might have been nice if that sweet and only moderately slutty girlfriend from AMERICAN PIE had described Tara best. Unfortunately her story more closely mirrored one of her earlier roles from the late 90s, namely her brief but memorable and oft re-watched portrayal of Bunny in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Who would have thought the Coen brothers weren't just genius filmmakers, but also remarkably accurate soothsayers? Bunny as the hard-partying, drunken, unreliable pain in the ass going about completely oblivious to the effects of her actions, became something of a template by which Tara would fashion her life for the next 15+ years.

That wild child routine is nothing unusual for 20-somethings in Hollywood. Such lifestyle choices become much more pathetic when you're on the cusp of 40 and still lost in a drunken, anorexic, surgically mutilated haze. Unfortunately there's not much more to say about Tara, at least until the next SHARKNADO movie comes out, at which point I'm sure she'll do something stupid again to make of herself a pathetic object of ridicule.

The whole thing might be too depressing to think about, were we not able to inject a little nostalgia therapy into the mix and reflect back to the days when Tara might have been fated for some other, better fate. Check out the gallery below for some reminders of what that time looked like.




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