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Flashback Friday: Anyone else have a love/hate thing with Demi Moore?

07.10.2015by: Droz

I've been watching Demi Moore movies most of my life. I watched her again in ST. ELMO'S FIRE just the other day. For over 3 decades she's been around, elevating herself from nobody special, to Brat Packer, to Hollywood big shot in a remarkably short span of time. Did she get that because she's a great actress? I don't think so, although she has been a part of some great movies. Is she hot? She certainly is, even if that hotness has sometimes taken a back seat to her chase for the spotlight. I see her in things, I remember many of her performances. I'm aware of her success and acknowledge the clout that's provided her. Yet despite all her success, I've never been able to fully get on board with Demi.

A few issues aside, probably my favorite time in Demi's career are her early days. Those would be the ST. ELMO'S FIRE/ABOUT LAST NIGHT time. Or for me, the ONE CRAZY SUMMER days (all hail Savage Steve Holland). I think she looked her best in that pre-implant time. One might also praise her extreme early days when she was posing for Penthouse. I'm sure Demi would love to erase those from all historical record, if only just for her fidelity to the unkempt bush approach of the day (Google it, if you dare). Her sex scene in ABOUT LAST NIGHT stands as one of her more memorable moments for me. The rest of that movie is something of a corny slice of '80s singles living, but her ass really did look amazing bathed in moonlight. That was also around the time she starred with Jon Cryer in NO SMALL AFFAIR, which spawned one of the most unlikely couplings ever.

Demi and John Cryer?
Worst mismatch of the decade?

Demi was much better suited to her time with Bruce Willis. Together they became the premiere Hollywood power couple of the 90s, a relationship which earned them many a choice role and media coverage sufficient to grant them permanent A-lister status. The boost effect of that relationship put Demi in some of her best and worst movies. You got GHOST and A FEW GOOD MEN in there, but also THE BUTCHER'S WIFE and NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. Talk about opposite sides of the coin. Frankly, I think there was more bad than good in those days. While Demi was the first to break the $10 million salary mark for females in Hollywood, she did it for STRIPTEASE, one of the worst movies of the decade, if not the century.

Bruce and Demi
Behold, the beautiful people

Splitting with Bruce didn't do Demi any favors where choice roles were concerned. Apart from the CHARLIE'S ANGELS sequel, she hasn't done much of note, other than epitomize the cougar lifestyle with her 7-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher. Demi has made a number of attention-grabbing life choices in her time, be it her fondness for naked pregnancy photos, or her post GI JANE cigar-smoking, shaved head, power feminist thing. But getting hitched to a kid 16 years her junior might have been one of the more ridiculous of those choices. Not the wisest decision ever made, but perhaps forgivable when you see how good Demi still looks good all these years later. I doubt she will ever be top of the heap in Hollywood again. Nor do I think she ever really deserved that rep. However, if you're in the market for a sexy older woman, you could do a lot worse.

Now check out a few dozen pics of Demi's first 20 years of fame below.


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