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Flashback Friday: Angie Everhart will forever be in my heart

08.22.2014by: Droz

You ever go through a persistent bout of insomnia? It's a real shitty condition to have, but the silver lining is that you can at least get some stuff done when sleep becomes an intermittent thing. You also get to know what late night infomercials are up to when flipping through channels at 2 in the morning. Rather alarming how many of my favorite flashback hotties have found alternate routes to noteworthiness via this unfortunate late night marketing exploitation. One hottie in particular caught my eye the other night as I did my regular Edward Norton in FIGHT CLUB style channel flipping. That hottie is, of course, the lovely Angie Everhart.

Mmmmm, Angie. One of the few hotties to address the appalling lack of befreckled, natural redheads in the supermodel world. I can't imagine why it is you don't see more of them around there. After all, some of the most beautiful women in the world are redheads. Who wouldn't want one them to show off their wares? Maybe it's that fiery spirit the redhead ladies tend to have. Probably doesn't jibe well with being told what to do and how to appear at every given moment. Whatever the cause for their scarcity from the modelling ranks, Angie remains a long time favorite of mine, both for her superiority as a model and most especially for being one of the more startlingly gorgeous redheads who ever lived, all 5 foot 10 inches of pure supermodel bliss that she is.

Sucks that we seen so little of Angie since her hay days in the 90s, apart from the odd infomercial appearance. I suppose it's inevitable for those in her business. She's still giving that bite from the acting bug the occasional itch, though still producing mostly mixed results. For me, she will always be at her best when serving as a paradigm of beauty. Even at 45, Angie still looks great. Good for her. Some redheads are prone to horrible aging. I think I speak for many when I say the longer we can keep that red hair around, the better.


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