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Flashback Friday: 50 might really be the new 30 for this year's crop of Quinquagenarians

01.10.2014by: Droz

I've heard some folks around the interwebs mentioning the apparently startling revelation that various famous folks turn 50 in 2014. Most of those commenting on this are people like myself, who were alive and can easily recall days past when these celebs were young vibrant. The thing about it is that entering into their 6th decade isn't really doing anything to harm or otherwise degrade what this group of ladies below has to offer. They remain well preserved years on from what some might see as their so-called "prime." I suspect this will become the new trend in succeeding generations. Celebs just don't get old as fast as they used to anymore. It makes sense, if you consider how hotties of old used to treat their bodies. Chain-smoking, booze-swilling and sun-roasting were how things got done back in the day. Celebs are much more health conscious nowadays, going to rather extensive lengths to maintain their looks well beyond most people's due dates for hotness.

Such is the case with these 6 ladies all turning 50 this year, who I suspect pack an additional genetic component into their powers of longevity which cannot be underestimated. Enduring sexual potency aside, the most impressive component in these ladies lasting appeal is how they're all still very much relevant in their fields, some only improving as time goes on. Just look at Sandra Bullock. Seems like every movie she makes nowadays becomes the biggest thing ever, which certainly wasn't always the case for her. Post anything around here featuring a modern day Monica Bellucci and watch the salivation start.

These are all spectacular ladies who can still bring it in more ways than one, which is great to see. Their endurance makes me curious about the future and how today's current crop of 20-year-old hotties are going to look in 2044. Provided we haven't managed to detonate everything and the technologies employed for beauty management continue to improve, I suspect they'll look not too different from how they look now. Imagine, a perpetually young Jennifer Lawrence or Victoria Justice. Sounds good to me.

Now enjoy a little past and present of these new inductees into Quinquagenarian club, listed as follows: Monica Bellucci, Sandra Bullock, Courteney Cox, Teri Hatcher, Mary Louise Parker and Marisa Tomei


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