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Fitness model Michelle Lewin really knows how to pump up a bikini top

02.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I really admire a woman who can manage to pack this much muscle onto her frame. It's not easy. Women aren't designed to cultivate huge biceps or abs, nature didn't plan on the fairer sex needing to use that much brute power. But when it happens just right, you get the effect you have here in fitness model Michelle Lewin, who retains her cuteness and has arms and legs and tummy muscles to boot. The downside of getting this cut is that body fat - aka: BOOBS - get cut out of the image as well, leading to huge implants in women like Michelle who otherwise are still highly attractive and don't have a need for them to be in the way. Society maintains that a woman must have tittays to be a woman, though. So we get fitness models and weightlifting female pros who are all stacked with goo sacks. I think Lewin would look just fine without them, since she's rocking that chest full of tasty freckles. But the world is the way the world is.
Source: Egotastic


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