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Fighting Thanos demands Elizabeth Olsen stay in shape

12.21.2016by: Droz

It's been almost 8 months since CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR came out. Feels longer than that somehow. I guess that's because so much has happened since then, both in the movies and elsewhere. In all that time, we've had hardly any reason at all to think about Elizabeth Olsen. As you may know, she plays Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff in the MCU and is one of the better characters in the current Avengers line up, at least in my opinion. I dig Wanda's powers and especially her look. Unfortunately, Elizabeth seems to be just as good as her older sisters at disappearing from public view. The only other thing I saw her in this year was an episode of Comedy Central's Drunk History, playing a bit part as a historical figure with no lines. Even the paps didn't manage to get much coverage of Elizabeth. These shots of her wearing sexy leggings are the the first I found worthy of posting in some time.

I suppose a steady gig in Marvel movies affords one a certain security as far as future prospects go. That could be why Elizabeth isn't concerned with making sure she's permanently fixed in the public eye. Speaking of that, they're gearing up to start filming the next AVENGERS movies next month, which is probably why she's headed to the gym. All that running around and squeezing into tight Avenger gear requires a svelte physique. I'm glad she's feeling confident enough in her situation to do her own thing, but it's still a shame we don't see more of Elizabeth. She is so very easy on the eyes.

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