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Fergie's ass show ain't over yet

01.05.2017by: No Cool Handle

I'm surprised it took this long for Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson to be photographed in the compromising position, affectionately known as 'The Alba'. For a hottie who's so obviously proud of her ass, it sure did take her more than a minute to get "caught" crawling around on all fours while wearing a tiny two-piece – or maybe she did and I just missed it. This got me to thinking: Somewhere, there's a bold hottie just waiting to be captured in a new suggestive position; one so distinct – like Alba's signature pose – her name will forever be associated with it. 'The Fergie' has a nice ring –  and since they were both spotted vacationing in Hawaii this past week, perhaps they could meet in the spirit of collaboration, taking a moment from frivolities to come up with a fresh bit of provocative posturing. Imagine the spectacle of Jessica Alba and Stacy Ferguson out on a public beach, trying to one up each other by experimenting with a variety of X-rated positions. Ah, the places my mind takes me. Or is it Fergie's bikini bod inspiring all lurid fantasies?

Source: NS4W


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