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Fergie still knows what to do with all them lovely lady lumps

08.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's some more fergalicious views of Stacy Ferguson's lady humps, struggling to stay bound in another pair of vinyl bottoms. She came out on stage during a show called the Pandora Summer Crush looking appropriately curvy. After all, you don't show up to a live performance by Fergie without expecting her bare cheeks to make a special appearance; do you? This diva of provocative dialect shows no signs of altering her stage persona to better suit her age (41). Why should she? That playground she calls a body looks fun for all ages, and with the way she moves on stage, as spry as ever. I've never been a true Black Eyed Peas fan, yet remain an ardent supporter of Fergie and the generous way she puts her goods out there. She may have spent her entire career denying us hopefuls an unobstructed view of those lumps, but we forgive her.

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